Question How can I reconfigure my bluetooth headphone manually ?

Nov 3, 2020
I have Mi Super bass wireless headphone but this is the issue with most wireless headphones.
The problem is with power ON/OFF button.

We have to hold the power button for about 3-5 seconds at least. (This is bad software/driver design), then it power ON. After that it starts pairing. More 3-5 seconds.
Then we realize! it got paired with our laptop instead of our phone, so we disconnect it, wait for it then repair it manually with phone.
OR maybe sometimes we want to pair it with laptop but it got paired with phone.

Dealing with this everyday is frustrating.

My headphone does have bluetooth 5.0 and I also know that bluetooth 5.0 supports dual pairing, but my headphones don't! Maybe manufacturer didn't bother to make good software/driver for headphone?

Now what I want ask is, is there any way where I can tweak it little bit like we install custom roms in android phone?
Is there any software to reconfigure stuff with wireless headphone to solve above issues?

I just need head start, then I will do it myself with help of some online tutorials and blogs.


No you can't do what you want, those look to be about $25 headphones converting their price to USD, pretty low end. I would guess the higher end models would work faster but I never really bothered timing how long my wireless earbuds connected to things. Did have a decent set of Bose ones I sold, but they were always connected to a single device so no worries about connecting to wrong thing.