How do i find my cd-rom drive?


Jun 10, 2012
I am deathly afraid to tinker in my registry. And not sure how to back up all that stuff. SO, when you say to delete the upper and lower filters, do you think that I could simply RENAME them, (say with xxx in front) and that would be the same as deleting them and if it didn't work I could go right back in and put the original names back?
Would that work too?
I do this a lot to see if a change works before actually deleting anything.

However, I found the file - BUT there are NO upper OR lower filters there. Only 6 other files. One of which is called CDROM.

They are = (Default) - Class - Class Desc - EnumPropPages - IconPath -

Instaler32 - NotInstallClass - SilentInstall - .

Not sure what any of this means.

I have power to the CD Rom drive because the green light is on, and a tiny red light glows inside when opened, but it will not open by itself, only with the pin unlock.

Thanks if anyone knows.

HP Pavilion dv6904cs laptop - Vista SP2 - 32 bit.