Question How do I stop my display from auto-dimming when switching in and out of games?

Mar 2, 2022
I am facing a problem when every time I am playing any game application (an MMO for example) and I switch in OR out of the game, to look something up on Google for example, my screen will automatically dims the brightness ALL the way down. Ever time. I've tried all the "Windows 11" solutions and none seem to be the issue.

If anyone has any idea what could be causing it or any solutions you think I should try, please help. I have a ROG Flow X13. I have all systems updated as far as I can tell.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You could manually up the brightness of your display when in OS GUI prior to getting into the game(to something high) and then see if that helps you out. As a side note, what game are you taxing the system with? BIOS version for your laptop? Have you tried tinkering with the in-game details/settings to see if that helps with the brightness issue(by normalizing the brightness in and out of the game)?