How do you change a graphics card bracket to low-profile?


May 31, 2009
Hi there,

I'm planning on purchasing a ASUS HD 4550 graphics card for my Dell Optiplex GX280. The ASUS HD 4550 is made using a half-length standard card bracket, but they provide a low-profile card bracket for free, in case you have a slim-line PC.

I've no idea on how to change a graphics card bracket, if anyone could provide with step to step solution for this, it would be greatly appreciated. Or if anyone could provide a site with an online tutorial for this it would be very helpful.

Google has failed me for finding a step to step solution for changing a bracket, so that is why i need the help of others.

P.S. My PC case has a width of about 10-11 cm, meaning that the card bracket has to be about 10.5 cm long. Do you reckon I could have a standard half-length card in my case, or do I have to go for low-profile cards?
First you remove the wood-screws.... oops.... no wait, sorry, wrong card! :evil:

First you should send the vendor's support team an e-mail asking how to do it.

So, usually you would remove any ribbon cable (if there is one for a VGA port) and then you would unscrew first the pins holding just the connection that's attached to that ribbon cable, remove if possible; then the bolts for the DVI from the long plate; then the screws holding the back plate to the card; then slide of the back-plate (make sure nothing is caught, and also moake sure you don't strain anything); then when free, get the half-height plate and put on, screwing in the plate to the PCB, and then the bolts back on the DVI.

Your replacement card should come with directions though, and be sure you can figure out what you're supposed to do, before doing it.

Should be similar to this for the Matrox G550 (see subsection for hardware installation);