Question How likely am I to damage a motherboard if the CPU is damaged?

Sep 25, 2022
This is more or less an extension of this:
(I damaged the CPU socket and stupidly put the CPU back in; best case scenario is it was just one broken off pin). In my case the CPU is a (new) i9 12900K. >_<

The damaged MB with the CPU in it was booted a number of times; it did not pass POST and the CPU sans cooler became quite hot quickly, which I think is a bad sign.
However, I'm obviously reluctant to just throw out a brand new ~$750 CDN chip unless I am sure it is defunct.

I have a new MB coming, and I realize that it is not possible to promise anyone that a CPU which has been shorted and wrecked won't cause damage to the motherboard, but this puts me in a tough position: Either bite the bullet now and just buy a new CPU, or risk wrecking another motherboard...

I'm hoping someone with enough experience/knowledge here can give me some re-assurance about the odds, lol.

Also: I presume someone somewhere has equipment which could be used to verify the state of the CPU without risking damage to said equipment. If this is the case, how feasible is it for me to get it tested?
Almost any repair shop that is reputable should have a variety of "throw away" boards that could be used to test if a CPU is still functional or not for a nominal fee. So that is an option.

If you already know the CPU is damaged I would not put it in another motherboard. If you are uncertain whether it is damaged I'd test it on a super cheap board or have it tested, first. If you have no idea if it is damaged, it's a roll of the dice, but usually a damaged pin on a motherboard isn't going to destroy the CPU, but clearly there are variables involved that could change that.