[SOLVED] How many ATX12v cables do I need?

Nov 29, 2017
Hey there! My current power supply (Chieftec GPE-600S) doesn’t have enough cables for my system. (Pictures of the rig provided down below) A site has told me that I need at least 2 ATX12v 8-pin connectors in my PSU but I can’t understand why. It should be simple; One 8-pin and one 4-pin to the motherboard, two 8-pin PCIe for my graphics card, and that’s it. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks in advance.

CPU + COOLER: i5 9600k + Corsair Hydro H100X

MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 UD

GPU: ASUS RX Vega 64 ROG Strix

SSD+HDD: 970 EVO 250GB NVMe M.2 SSD + 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200Rpm


Images: https://imgur.com/a/NJxnGjy
FYI that "600W" PSU is only effectively a ~540W PSU due to 45A rating on the 12V rail. And that's assuming it can actually reliably output that much. I can't find any temperature rating in the specs for that unit, which doesn't inspire confidence.
Nov 29, 2017

Do you have any experience with the Vega 64 power consuption?
There are plenty of people who run it on 600w.

Not all "600W" power supplies are created equal...


Mar 16, 2018
you might run into weird issue with a cheap power supply. it's all about probability, lower unit tends to have more issues because of the cost saving measures.

I normally rate psu in three categories, branded psu - 80+ gold and up series. branded psu - budget series, no name brand psu.

personally I don't touch the no name brand, because many are just straight up lying.
500w psu that can only take 200w before it explodes. however, for branded psu - budget series.
there is a huge debate of whether you should buy these branded budget line psu. I mean, they do pass the 80+ certification so their performance are some what adequate.
reliability is in question, and it's very difficult to have a clear answer that yes these are garbage or no they are perfect for the budget.

and when failed, most of them just not booting up and you buy a new power supply, end of the day.
I've gone through lots of "bad"/"lower tier" psu review on newegg/amazon, such as the cx500,evga 500b,CM 550w so far I have not seen a single review mentioning exploding psu. few with malfunction damaging their motherboard/gpu, but similar reviews also exist with high end unit as well.

Personally, I have ran 1080ti off evga 500b, worked fine for 3 month till I changed to a better unit. It's just a risk that you are going to take.
if you understand this risk, and willing to take that risk, then please go ahead a use it. if knowing this makes you uncomfortable, then get a better unit.