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Question How to build a GPU render farm with 8-10 GPUs?


Dec 30, 2009
Hello, I currently do a lot of GPU rendering in Autodesk maya. I also use a lot of Zbrush and After effects. I process 3D scans with high tech scanning equipment. I render out animations that take forever. When I look at octane benchmarks, the too guys have tons of cards going at once. I cannot find a decent article explaining how this can be built. I’d love to buy 6-8 rtx 3090s maybe even more if I knew how to make this work.

the best article I found for a gpu rig was for four GPUs and they said buy a motherboard with four slots. I don’t get why this is so challenging to figure out.

I want to render my Maya scenes in the farm so I can keep working on my desktop. I live in Las Vegas.
Anyone have any advice for me?

I currently have:
intel i9-9980XE
128GB ram
3 Nvidia Titan RTX cards
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First things first, you're going to have to look into a server of sorts and perhaps exotic forms of building since 8-10 high end GPU's in an enclosure will draw a lot of power and in turn dump a lot of heat. The second thing to look at is that the option for more than 3 GPU's is somewhat absurd with todays commercially available motherboards due to the spacing between PCIe x16 slots and the thickness of the RTX3090 GPU's. Third, the amount of PSU's needed to power the system would also entail a large chassis, even bespoke to your needs.

If you were to look at multiple single slotted Quadro cards and had a rack mounted server, that would be possible to do but if I've got your thread right, you're looking to have them setup in a chassis...? Puget system's would be up your alley but they'll make the system for you as opposed to you building it yourself with off the shelf parts.

To add, you might be able to have multiple systems with 2x3090's in each system and then have them on a backbone and then have a render farm but that might not be as efficient as having them in a server like setup.