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  1. C

    Question Ryzen 7 1700 Cpu vs amd rx570 Gpu for Rendering | Blender

    Hello. I ve been searching for some time now and cant find whether ryzen 7 1700 will perform better than the rx570 in rendering in most cases the cpu would be overclocked and im not going to buy an overclockable mobo for now...Im asking cuz i might save money buying a smaller gpu(?) cuz i...
  2. V

    Question Please let me know how good the below laptop config is?

    Hi, Laptop config: Predator Helios 300 Processor: Core i7-8750H 8th Gen Ram: 16 GB DDR4 Fraphics Card; NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB Please let me know how good the above laptop config is? I am going to use this for c4D rendering as I am vfx artist. So please give me an advice on this...
  3. S

    Question External GPU 3D rendering for PC

    I'm thinking to invest in few GPU cards for rendering 3D and instead of adding them to my main workstation I thought to create an external computer with rendering as the main purpose. Mainly to be able to work and render at the same time. I would be happy to not have extra screens and operating...
  4. x-orbiter

    Question Nvidia picture quality in 3D

    I recently purchased a GT 710 graphics card and was disappointed by the decrease in 3D rendering quality compared to Radeon HD4670. These cards should be almost identical according to benchmarks, with GT 710 consuming 3x less power. In reality GT 710 is slightly faster, but this seems to come at...
  5. JediRyan

    Question Threadripper freezing during renders with Adobe Media Encoder

    So I built a 1950x TR with the intention of it being able to handle pretty much anything I throw at it editing wise. I was having the same freezing issues a while back and someone on another forum said that I was having these issues due to my cpu being undervolted. So I upped it from 1.350v to...
  6. B

    Question Which one of the following rigs will render faster with four GTX 1070's?

    The rig will be an upgrade for my present rig which is: i7-4790K, Asus Z87-WS, 2x8GB DDR3 2400 RAM, 4 GTX 1070s with AIO coolers. Blender is not scaling 100% as it is supposed to and I was wondering if a CPU with more lanes will fix that. Rig #1 i7-6850K, ASRock X99 OC Formula/3.1, 4x4GB DDR4...
  7. J

    Question Sony vegas 4k footage

    I seem to have an issue working with 4k footage in sony vegas. It is 2704x2028 59.94p, which was captured with a go pro. The footage should be a very compressed h265 footage. My CPU is a i7 7820x OC 16 gb 3000mhz ram and a gtx 1080ti. My Cpu is at 100% usage or at least always running close to...
  8. O

    Question Rebooting at Permissions

    Hello, I recently was able to purchase a hdd external coverter (dock style). Its a BlueRay Docking Station USB 3.0 (for SATA). I'm trying to fix an HDD with it (Seagate) but it seems when I go to change the permissions to acess said hdd, it just crashes (and all other USB devices connected to my...
  9. A

    Question install windows IN windows to secondary drive without USB/disc?

    I have an ISO for windows and I want to install a seperate installation to an empty drive in my PC without a USB stick or disc. I tried running the setup in the ISO but it doesnt give an option to choose the drive like when you typically install from USB/disc and only lets you do an...
  10. B

    Question Sqlite database manual repair

    Is there a way to recover data from formatted ssd *.sqlite databases? Although I restored the disk completely, all available repair sw repair says that are corrupted or in a different format. Or import to excel eg.. to manual work :-( thx fo any advice. Peter
  11. O

    Question PC won't work with both ram sticks

    So my PC will boot with one stick but when I add the second stick it won't work. My parts list is AMD Ryzen 3 2200g MSI B450 Gaming Plus Motherboard EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 3 GB SC GAMING Video Card G.Skill Ripjaw 4 series 16gb (2x8gb) DDR4-2400 Cooler Master Masterwatt 550w 80+ Bronze Power...
  12. S

    Question ?

    I heard about i9 cpus are ovarheated when you overckloack it is it right ?
  13. P

    Question Brand new RAM cause crashes when XMP is on.

    So I recently bought the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4-3600MHz (F4-3600C18D-16GTZRX). Everything looked to work fine, but after some Blackout rounds it crash, then I tryed to enter the game again but it crash till I restart the pc. Then I run normally the game but after some rounds (2-3) it...
  14. P

    Question Are my components compatible?

    Hi everyone, Here a link to my build : I would like to know if my build is OK or not? Is the motherboard chipset overkill for the rest of the build? Is a 650W power supply enough? Thanks, Pouky
  15. N

    Question I need a computer Guru. 144hz gaming doesn't feel smooth anymore Help! </3 Video attached

    2080 MSI Gaming Trio 2700 Ryzen Optix MAG27C 27in Curved 144hz 1440p LG ultra wide 60hz 1440p Windows 10 Razor Naga Trinity I got a new graphics card updated drivers and it felt very weird. I did a DDU clean and re downloaded drivers and everything worked incredibly. I never knew video games...
  16. S

    Question What to do in this case of portforwarding?

    Hello, I have a TP-Link Archer C7 router. I need to open the ports for Windows 10 MS Store games, but I can't find the ports anywhere, so I can just DMZ and the problem I was having is done, but it leaves my Xbox One with strict nat. So what can I do to keep both with open NAT and no other...
  17. AlexanderA646

    Question Ports aren’t working!!! New PC builder here!

    I just finished building my first ever PC and about to install Windows 10 through USB, but I notice that when I plug in my keyboard and mouse, neither of them work cuz they should be lighting up. Also, I plugged in the display to the monitor, but it also doesn’t show up. I tried all of the USB...
  18. F

    Question Windows 10 is blocking my printer IP

    Somehow and im not sure where windows 10 is blocking my printer IP. i can boot fedora on the same system and goto the printer's web control host but when i try in windows its blocked. This is really driving me up the wall. Please someone smarter than I pop a solution into my box.
  19. T

    Question 1700X Temp Spikes

    I have a 1700X ruining at 1.44V OCed to 4.1 and I have been noticing that my temps at idle will do this over and over. The temp slowly goes down to 20c then spikes to 30c and starts the count down again till about 20c and spikes again. Any ideas what is going on? I have done a fresh windows...
  20. N

    Question 2080 TI more GPU Clockspeed than listed

    Hello Friends, I bought a Gainward 2080 ti gs, now i tested the new card with 3D Mark, with the tests i reached a max GPU Clockspeed of 1965Mhz and not the listed 1650, i dont understand why, i didnt changed anything... Is the Reason my old gracard was overclocked? thx for help! CPUID HWMonitor