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Forum discussion tagged with Rendering.
  1. S

    Question How to choose a graphic card for GPU rendering ?

    How to choose a graphic card for GPU rendering (Mainly VFX, Not images only) ? Workstation or Mainstream which will be good and Better for fast Production ?
  2. S

    Question Which processor will be best for VFX Simulations like Fluid and Smoke (Houdini)

    Which processor will be best for VFX Simulations like Fluid and Smoke (Houdini) ? Processor with Higher Clock Speed (4-6 Cores) or Processor with More Cores ! or Should I go With Better GPU (will also be use for Rendering).
  3. N

    Question GPU for 3D Rendering?

    I already have a PC. (Newly built) CPU:- AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor GPU:- MSI Radeon RX 5700 8 GB MECH OC Video Card M.BOARD:- MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard RAM:- G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZRX Desktop Ram Trident Z RGB Series 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz (For AMD)...
  4. V

    Question safe to xeon e5 1620 running at 84 degree C under full load?

    Currently i have a temporary workstation PC which has a xeon e5-1620 0 running a 3.6ghz before i start using it to render for days together i wanted to confirm if running at 84 degree C under ful cpu load is alright for this processor? when the system is idle the processor sits at around 50...
  5. Imlinx

    Question Which PSU is better for my 3d modeling and rendering rig? I need suggestions plz help

    I have just bought new graphics card it's gigabyte 1650 super 4gb windflow. For my 3d modeling and rendering work. Just Becz of low power supply I need to buy new psu for it so that I can run gpu. Plz suggest me reasonable PSU. My budget is not too high, it's under 85$. My PC contain I5 8600k...
  6. gmemoriam

    Question Upgrading my 6700k to Ryzen 7/Ryzen 9 for video editing

    Hi everyone. I currently own a i7 6700k with a Corsair 32gb RAM 3000mhz, a GTX 1070 Strix GPU. I use this computer mainly to video editing and 2d motion graphics (Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects). I also use it for a casual gaming but it's just the 10% of the time. In my last few works...
  7. Q

    [SOLVED] Will a lot of ram with a old cpu works for editing?

    Hi, I have an pretty old Intel Core i7 -4790 3.6 GHz with 12 gb a ram. I also have a ok graphic card and I can play the games I want smoothly. But when I want to do video editing with 4k videos my editing softwares are very slow and everything is buggy. I don't mind about final rendering time...
  8. F

    Question SSD caching for 2TB drive? Best setup?

    Hi, I just bought a new high end notebook with the following details and usage and need some advice for the best way to set the machine up for maximum performance. CONFIGURATION: Model: XMG Apex 15 Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X RAM: 2x 32GB DDR4-2666 Samsung Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX...
  9. A

    Question rendering/gaming pc

    Hello all, I want to build a pc that can render my work fast for my job and also play games on the side. Ive only built gaming pc's and dont know enough about parts for rendering/modelling for example if i need more cores or threads or if its gpu dependant. YGM I use autodesk maya, CAD, Adobe...
  10. F

    Question Four GPUs on ASRock TRX40 Creator motherboard --- No POST

    Hello everyone! I am trying to run four gpu's on the ASRock TRX40 Creator motherboard but am having difficulty getting it to post. I am going into the 3D rendering business and I recently bought 2 2080ti's but was having trouble setting it up. I previously had 2 2080ti's running and upgraded to...
  11. abcxyz9811

    Question Rtx 2060 Vs quadro p2000 Vs rx Vega 64 which is better for 3ds max for architecture building design?

    Hello I am very confused which one to pick for 3ds max building design basically architecture based and autocad for architecture which graphics card is batter under 30000 rs and why. And rtx 2060 is batter or quadro p2000 or Rx Vega 64 or any other
  12. C

    Question Looking for Ultimate rendering computer 4 cpu (10k budget) maybe quad raytracing gpus too

    So I need a cpu beast of an computer for work, I have multiple clients and i need to be able to make changes in animations photo realistic shots. And rerender them for the client like I have a 9900k/gtx 1080 but images takes about 4hrs for one photo so imagine 1000 frame video( i lower res now...
  13. E

    Question Book Suggestion for Game Developer

    Hello kind people . so im a game developer , is use Unity and Mostly unreal engine 4 . and i see the need in me to study exactly about computer I want to know how exactly this components (CPU , GPU , Ram .. ) process data so that i can build my games as optimized as possible . can you please...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Need serious upgrades for Uni and also for Gaming

    So i recently started my uni course studying games development and will obviously need to do some of the work at home and i am looking to upgrade my computer because i know it wont be able to handle the programs that i will be using to do my course. Some of the programs I will be using are Maya...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Please suggest PC parts for my Lighting and Rendering build

    Hi all, Approximate Purchase Date: In the end of October Budget Range: Around/Below 100K to 130K Indian Rupees. System Usage from Most to Least Important: Animation(Lighting and Rendering), GPU rendering, Gaming, Browsing, Sometimes overnight rendering( yes only sometime). Software usage: I...
  16. F

    [SOLVED] GPU Noise // Boost Clock

    Hello all, A little background: I do a lot of 3D rendering, mainly GPU based. I recently bought 2x ASUS RTX 2080TI cards. One is very quiet and the other makes a high pitched noise. I've had coil whine before but this seems higher pitched and is constant. The sound only goes away while rendering...
  17. P

    Question Need Advice on upgrade for 3ds MAX modelling and rendering

    Hi all, As the title suggests I´ve relied on my integrated 1GB GPU within my CPU far too long. I don´t want to spend crazy money but I´m flexible with my budget ($500 or so). I don´t game and only use my computer for 3ds MAX. I use VRAY so I can choose between GPU or CPU rendering. I was...
  18. H

    Discussion Good laptop for an architecture student

    Hi there, I'm currently moving on into my final year of my studies in an architecture degree. I've finally decided to put my old homemade gaming pc to the side as it's outdated and can run modern games reasonably well but can't render to save its life (literally). I'm wondering what a good...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] I5 3570 to i7 3770 worth it ( rendering video)?

    My PC is: i5 3570 ( non-K) 16GB DDR3 Main: Gigabyte B75M-D3V I'm learning to made animation from 3d model and rendering video. I read many posts on internet. It say that " if you want gaming, take i5-3570. If you want editting, rendering video, take i7-3770.". However. Is it really worth to...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070: EVGA Black or MSI Armor?

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my PC and I'm stuck between getting an EVGA Black or MSI Armor 2070. Currently, I'm thinking of just getting whichever I can find cheapest on the day I purchase as they're both around the same price but can fluctuate between sites by quite a large margin. After...