Question Images & graphics sometimes don't load correctly

Aug 4, 2021
Hello everyone,

I'm not the sort of person to give up on a tech problem and I'm generally pretty good with computers, but I'm pretty stumped here. I just built a new rig in March that has been running brilliantly. However, about a month and a half ago I started getting image renderings that wouldn't load correctly. It's bizarre and I can't find any patterns, which is driving me crazy. I half wonder if it happened as a result of a Windows update but I haven’t seen anything online suggesting known issues like this around mid to late June.

Here's some info:
  • It can happen in Chrome, to a graphical image on the Battle Net app, or anywhere that a still image is loaded. It doesn't seem to affect videos. It happens in multiple web browsers. Never affects the wallpaper or icons. It never affects a computer game I'm playing. Haven't seen it pop up in any of my Microsoft Office programs.
  • The graphics that don't load correctly happen once and stay that way unless they are refreshed somehow. For example, I've got a random Google Image search page that I've screen-captured and shared here ( showing some pictures loading normally and somehow I've described. If I was to reload the page, different images would be unreadable. And likely a different number of them. There is no consistency.
  • I've already tried removing my Nvidia drivers. I've tried an older version of Nvidia drivers. I've tried running with no NVidia drivers at all. None of it changes it.
  • It happens on both monitors equally and I've checked all the connections.
  • I haven't tried re-installing Windows 10, but it's probably my next step unless I can fix it here.
Happy to answer any questions to help fix this. Really appreciate any and all help!

Thanks! Nick.


When posting a thread of troubleshooting nature, it's customary to include your full system's specs. Please list your specs like so:

You might want to also check and see what your OS version is and if you've got any BIOS updates pending for your motherboard. Please be sure to include the make and model of your PSU, not just it's advertised wattage.

As a stop gap, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling your GPU drivers. First download your GPU drivers from Nvidia's support site(provided you indeed have an Nvidia GPU) and have it stored on your storage drive. Get DDU, uninstall all GPU drivers and then reboot. Once done, reinstall your GPU driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.