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Graphics & Displays

Forum discussion tagged with Graphics & Displays.
  1. U

    Question Graphics Card Recommendation Please

    Hello, It has been a while since I have had to dive into building a PC, so please bear with me. Long story short I was in a pinch a year ago and had to buy a system used from my BIL. It's built well but an older system. It has been a very long time since I have had to buy a graphics card and I...
  2. K

    [WTS] BNIB msi RTX 2080 Super Ventus OC

    $680 local cash only. Local is 92121. Willing to meet a bit further north to help people in south OC area. Brand new in box. Got it from Best Buy with a discount coupon hence the low price. Also will send you the digital code for Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition for free! View...
  3. Janet.foster

    Question Upgrading graphics card on Dell XPS 8900

    Hello, I’m in the market for a graphics card for my desktop it’s an XPS 8900 i7-6700 3.4GHZ 16GB RAM. I was interested in the GeForce RTX 2060. My goal is to play AAA titles at 1440p with decent frame rate I’m worried about over heating as the xps does haven’t much fan or vents. I know I...
  4. rounakr94

    Question Left side of gpu not going all the way in new mobo

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/10L6mDTftkjVTpxdkPiz4DV98te3xn--a/view?usp=drivesdk The circled part of the gpu is not going in all the way and is staying out by approx a mm. So I have to press in the IO of gpu to screw it in place properly. I changed my motherboard to an atx x570 today from an...
  5. R

    Question Dead Gpu or bad troubleshooting?

    When I first built my pc I had an MSI GTX 1070, which started artifacting after about a year of use. I RMDAd the card, and in return, I was sent an MSI Duke GTX 1070 ti. I never took it out of the box, but I have recently been looking to sell it. Once I put it into my computer, the fans were...
  6. P

    Question Please help me, stuck at 30Hz

    I have a problem with gaming on my Samsung TV (Q55Q70R). I can get to 1080p 120Hz at desktop and I know it works because the cursor is smooth and when I check it on TV itself it shows 1920x1080 / 120p. But when I turn on Red Dead 2 specifically the TV puts itself to 1080p 30Hz mode. Other games...
  7. DannyShot88

    Question Help Blank Screen + Graphics Driver Disabled

    Hi, I have a gaming laptop and usually the screen hooked up to my tv as I only using it for gaming. The last time it was being used having no issues, was connected to the TV with a HDMI cable, was shut off and I didn’t see any problems. I didn’t use it it for around a month and went to use the...
  8. [SOLVED] Correct Nvidia Graphics Driver?

    I'm very confused, I have an rtx 2060 and I don't think I'm getting the correct nvidia driver. I have downloaded it plenty of time on other machines and know where to get it. The picture below is what my nvidia control panel looks like. The only reason this concerns me because some games don't...
  9. rounakr94

    Question GPU heatsink turning bluish from heat (maybe)

    My brand new gpu heatsink is turning bluish like the metals when they are heated and they turn a rainbow colour. Is this normal by any chance? Temps look okay to me while gaming.
  10. CherryCola_AB

    Question Cant get new graphics card to work

    Recently my old GPU (GTX 780ti) has been all buggy with green lines and detects my moniter as being 1Hz. I figured it was done for so I decided to buy a new one (Radeon rx580) but nothing works. so far ive tried plugging in the new card but i get no signal. I have put the old one in and tried...
  11. D

    Question iGPU failure? Lenovo G50-70

    First forum post after months of lurking. :-) Perplexing issue has surfaced on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop. Long story short: it was perfectly fine, I sold it, the screen got cracked in transit, I have accepted a return and ordered a replacement screen. The original panel was an HD TN panel, the...
  12. syntax.error

    Question Can't find graphics driver for Xeon E-2288G

    Hi, I have a 3 GB Windows Server 2012 running using Proxmox. I have been trying to get Parsec installed (https://parsecgaming.com/ ) so I can program remotely without stutters. Instead, I got this error https://support.parsecgaming.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002624051 I checked their articles...
  13. W

    Question Quick black screens

    Has anyone experienced quick black screens but then goes back to normal in a second? could it be a driver crash? I'm using adrenaline 20.5.1 with an RX 480
  14. F

    [SOLVED] Will I see much difference with this improvement? (1060 > 2070super)

    Hello, I'm currently using a Nvidia GTX 1060 Zotac and I'm currently thinking about upgrading to Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC. My question is do you think I would see noticeable improvement making the £479 price point worth it? I can currently run most games on medium/high settings...
  15. Jo23ph

    Question Was I wrong to get this GPU ?

    I recently bought a pc and I upgraded the graphics card and now the pc BSOD on me when I game too much or stress test it on UserBenchmark and I’m not over heating or anything . my build is a Case:Thermaltake mini v1 CPU: Intel i5-4690k GPU: (new gpu) pny XLR8 GeForce gtx 1660 super single fan...
  16. Xbox And Windows gamer

    Question Brother inserted evga display/graphics driver cd/dvd in. Will my GPU and monitor be okay?

    I went into my room and my brother inserted a CD or dvd (idk which) into my Pc. My motherboard manufacturer is Asus, so my graphics card would have to be of Asus form. I use a GTX 1060 3GB. It is currently on automatic repair and is attempting repairs. Will my monitor or Graphis Card be damaged...
  17. J

    Question will my graphics card fit the hp 800 g1

    hello, i am looking at getting the hp 800 g1 sff desktop, and i would like to know if my old graphics card will fit in it without size problems (asus en8400gs silent. i looked at pictures of the motherboard and it has the same connection that was for my old desktop that i got my graphics card from.
  18. M

    Question New GPU keeps freezing/stuttering

    I recently upgraded my GPU from an Nvidia GTX 970 to an RTX 2080 Super. I have performed a clean install of the drivers (twice) even using DDU. The PC freezes up for a second when starting new programs, tabbing between them & loading new things within the programs. When starting more intensive...
  19. hiiiSimba

    Question System won't boot to windows with AMD RX 580 plugged in

    To begine with, it's probably worth noting that my AMD RX580 card takes an 8 pin. Sadly I don't have one and so I use a 6 pin. The card turns on, and by that I mean the fans start spinning with the 6 pin plugged in, but my system won't boot to windows. It just shows a black screen. Even if i...
  20. Question HELP on Graphics, weird color/effect when moving.

    Hi, can someone please help me fix that yellow-green like thing in the image below. I never noticed that till now, it's hurting my eye while playing, can anyone help me remove this or what is it called? Thanks in advance. My GPU is RX 580 and using the latest radeon drivers.