How to install Win 10 on new hardware after old machine broke down?


Jan 24, 2018

I'm hoping to get some help with my hardware situation.

My old machine of almost 10 years recently broke down as the USB power regulator decided to burn out. I didn't have any working USB ports but I could boot up. This machine was built by me using a copy of Win 7 Professional. I have made minor hardware changes over the years. I also upgraded from Win7 to Win 8.1 and then to Win 10.

My concern now is that I have decided to build a new machine again from scratch. I would like to install Win 10 directly and use my Win 7 activation code to then activate the Win 10 copy on my new machine.

How do I obtain a copy of Win 10 to activate? How can I install Win 10 via USB? Am I allowed to use my Win 7 activation code to run on my new machine?

If someone can point me to some guides or instructions that would be great.

Thank you for your help


Dec 23, 2017
first thing to do is retrieve your old license. you will need to remove your drive and attach it to another computer as a secondary/external drive. you can connect with its internal available SATA port or get a SATA to USB adapter. use the ProduKey method.

next get the win10 installer. prepare USB drive (8Gb at least)

boot to your BIOS and set the following :
* SATA mode to AHCI
* Boot mode to UEFI/Uefi+legacy/CSM disabled
* Secure boot disabled (ignore if not available)
* save & reset.

attach only 1 drive during this windows install process. after the windows install is done you can connect the rest of your secondary drives.

attach your USB. boot. press F8 (or F2/DEL go to boot menu). select the USB UEFI. follow the on screen instructions. install. input your license key. continue with the installation process. until all is done. make sure you run the windows updates as well. then keep restarting until all is done.

[strike]as for your license, you will need to follow the instructions here[/strike]
scratch that. you have a license key already so you already inputted that during your install.

good luck.


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