How to solve crazy ping times?


Dec 1, 2012
The ping of my internet connection is all over the place. It can be 40ms for a few minutes, then jump between 400ms and 900ms for the next minute. I'm a PC gamer so this makes online games unplayable.

Does anyone have any advice on how to solve this? Is it a router problem that I can solve with a few clicks, or is it something physical that my internet provider needs to solve?

I have my internet hooked up via ethernet, connected to a linksys wrt120n. The internet comes from something that was put onto the roof. I don't know what it is, I live in the country and our provider is local, not a big company.

Thank you if you can help. :)


Jul 3, 2009
Chances are the issue is on your ISPs end, does it happen on all servers you game on or only on foreign ones? You can try and use a different router and see if that resolves the issue but I doubt that this is the issue.

Make sure you've got nothing trying to download updates or torrents running while gaming this will kill your ping.