How to Test a GPU

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Oct 21, 2010
Hey Everybody,

Just purchased a 2nd 6950 2GB from ebay, slightly used from an online retailer. Anyway I have a couple of days to decide if there are any hardware issues with it and send it back.

What are the 2 best programs for testing this thing for any issues? I would prefer a free method, but I guess I can spend a couple of bucks for software if I have to. Also I guess it would not be a bad thing if it did a performance evaluation as well.

Also when using the testing programs what should I watch out for in terms of issues or will the software let me know if there are any?

Thanks in advance!
FurMark burn-in test for 24 hours straight along with HWMonitor to monitor temperatures. They shouldn't go above 80C. If it doesn't crash, and doesn't start artifacting, you're good to go. Both programs are free.
I use OCCT GPU test ..... not only loads ya GPU (or CPU) but also monitors temperatures and voltages w/o the need for any additional programs .... It also has an alarm that goes off if ya get too hot so ya don't have to sit and stare at the screen and, it also graphs the results so you can see what happened over time. I'd also use the latest Beta (2.2.0 Beta 14) of Afterburner to crank the buggers up.
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