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  1. Taskmgr-abuse

    Question SSD keeps disappearing, is it dying ?

    A M.2 SATA III SSD I've had for less than 2 years has been acting up lately by ejecting itself randomly without leaving a trace. Only when I restart my PC the SSD reappears, just for it to disappear within minutes again. At first I thought the problem was heat, so I checked the temps for the...
  2. I

    Question Aorus b450 m doesnt allow me to use m.2 and HDD

    So I recently created a new system, and for whatever reason i cannot get the HDD to show up in bios, but shows up in the disk management. I cannot format it, assign a new letter, or anything. It shows the I/O device error and I just cant figure it out. I have my m.2 slot in use which is where my...
  3. L

    Question My m.2 wont boot when set to x4 pcie?

    So I have a asus z270-e MB with 2 samsung evo m.2s installed. One of the drives has my OS and the other is storage. Whenever I change the bios setting for the boot drive to x4 (from x2) the PC will not boot. Changing this disables sata 5&6 however I have disabled these manually so this is not...
  4. haidynjon

    Question old ssd not found after installing new m.2

    on my gigabyte b350 gaming 3 motherboard I've just signalled a wd blue 500gb nvme m.2 and now my old Kingston ssd boot drive not found in bios and no boot drive found. I've tried all the data ports? what's going onnnnnn??? could I be anything to do with my old bios flash I'm on F10 from 2017 but...
  5. D

    Question SSD and HDD show up in SATA Information in BIOS, but can't boot from them

    Hi everyone. I've been having an issue with not being able to boot from my ssd or hdd but they show up in the SATA Information section in my ASUS bios. I've already tried starting the system with just the ssd, switching SATA ports, and enabling CSM and disabling secure boot. If you have an idea...
  6. I

    Question SSD no longer recognised in BIOS

    Hi, I have an ADATA SATA SU650 2.5" SSD (model number ASU650SS-240GT on which I had installed Windows 10 some 9 months ago. This SSD is not too old at around of 2 years of lifetime usage - so, I don't think time is the problem. Now when I boot up my system it shows me this message: 'Reboot and...
  7. Loz M 1985

    Question Old PSU vs newish GPU (pcie power adapter worries)

    Hi this is my first full rebuild pc. Need some advice I have a 650w ezcool PSU i have an RX580 sapphire GPU which needs a 6pin and a 8pin (6pin+2 pcie) the psu I have only has Molex and SATA and two 6pins Can I use one of the 6pins to power the GPU, and either one of the following...
  8. Samjoe46

    Question Where is the SATA data port on the B450MPro4?

    Hi, I was wondering where the SATA data cable is in the B450MPro4?
  9. D

    Question Would moving cable from sata 3 slot to sata 4 make hdd go faster?

    Picture 1: View: Picture 2: View: Picture 3: View: First of all I know the drawing on picture 3 is stupid but I wanted the image to be more comprehensible. I'm wondering if moving the cable from sata 3 slot to...
  10. K

    Question Pc boot's to bios refuses to go to windows

    Today I was going to get my pc running and then I go straight to bios not windows and I have checked the sata cables and restored my bios to default. I don't get it what's wrong PS I have my PC was running fine the same day and It's a weird problem I have selected the boot device and I 100%...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] M.2 SATA compatibility question

    Hi all, Just wanted to ask a compatibility question because I don't trust myself enough to fully understand everything involved. I have an MSI Z97S Krait Edition motherboard with a 2280 Key M (PCIe Gen2 x2/SATA) M.2 port. Does this mean it will support M.2 SATA, NOT NVMe? Or both? I'm...
  12. S

    Question Does M.2 NVMe heats up quickly?

    Hi All, I want to know if the below SSD will heat up quickly in laptop. My Laptop Acer G3-572. Crucial P1 NVMe M.2 1TB there might be times when I will be writing data in the drive for more than 30 minutes. If heating is a issue, will be below one work better? Crucial CT1000MX 3D Nand 2280 1TB...
  13. M

    Question after a big storm stuck at "starting windows" screen

    I had turned off my pc before the storm happened but still when i tried to turn my system on it gets stuck at ''starting windows". I have also tried to launch 'startup repair' but after the windows is loading files screen happens my moniter screen turns off for a second and it get stuck when it...
  14. B

    Question E-sata + Usb 3.0/3.1 HDD dock.

    I've been looking for a kind of specific HDD/SSD dock. As all of my computers now have Usb 3.1, and one has USB 3.1 Gen 2, I figured its time to update my internal to external storage adapter. My laptop also has an e-sata port. So I am looking for a preferrably dual 2.5/3.5in. HDD/SSD dock, that...
  15. M


    Hi there, I currently have a Crucial MX100 2.5" 256GB SATA III MLC Internal SSD and i want to upgrade to a M.2 SSD with PCI Express 3.0 x4 (TLC). So the SATA-600 disk i have now has MLC and the disk i want to buy has TLC (3d v-nand). Will the newer disk (M.2 one) be faster than the disk i've...
  16. H

    Question PSU good enough for a GPU?

    Okay, so I know this topic has been debated already. But please hear me out. I'm currently building a gaming rig out of a Workstation. It has a Dell 320W power supply. But doesn't have pcie power out. Even though people recommend against using molex/sata to pcie connectors.. I just want to...
  17. H

    Question Connect (defect?) internal Desktop SSD with Laptop

    Hello, I have got an old SSD which used to be built into a desktop PC of mine. I haven't used in years and I am not even sure whether it is still in usable condition. Nevertheless, I would like to attempt reading from it. However, I have no access to a desktop PC in the foreseeable future. I...
  18. C

    Question M.2 NVMe SSD went undetected by BIOS after SATA SSD installation

    My laptop (ASUS FX503VD) is originally installed with two storage. The main one is M.2 NVMe SSD (Western Digital Black SN700) and the second one for data storage which is a Seagate SATA HDD. A few weeks ago the HDD failed but my laptop is fine because the OS is installed in the M.2 SSD. So I...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Non standard ssd power connector

    I recently bought two new 80gb enterprise class dell ssds. Model ssdsc1nb080g4r when they arrived I realized that they did not have standard sata power connectors (they have a plastic tab towards the middle instead of on the end, and they are shorter than standard power connectors. Does anyone...
  20. H

    Question What connector is this?

    What type of connector is on this 2.5" HDD? And what kind of toaster do I need to connect it to a pc? Thanks :) Images