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  1. richiestang_78

    storahci.sys causing blue screen

    Didnt mean to double post but thought I should add some more details and a new post seemed easier, I keep getting sporadic bluescreen crashes, seems to be mostly when I leave my computer and it goes to sleep, I know because it will be on the login screen when I come back. I then checked the...
  2. E

    Question [Solved] Is it dangerous to connect a 2.5 SATA SSD to a (SATA-powered) 3.5 HDD enclosure?

    I have an old external 3.5-inch HDD. For lack of a normal SATA-USB cable, I want to use its enclosure to connect a 2.5-inch SATA SSD to my PC's USB port. The HDD enclosure has a separate AC power cable. When I opened up the enclosure, I saw the AC power goes directly into the PCB, which has a...
  3. K

    Question Will Aorus Z390 support new NVMe M.2 SSD with FOUR SATA drives?

    I currently have 4 drives (3 SSD & 1 HDD hooked up to my Z390 PC using SATA ports) I'd like to add more storage for games and an M.2 NVMe SSD seems like a good option for that. However I read somewhere that using the M.2 slots actually disables some of the SATA slots. I can't find where I saw...
  4. P

    Question MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Really Odd Issue

    Ok, so. I bought, from Ebay recently, an MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and an i7 CPU. CPU was already seated and I have not unseated it at any point. Advertised as working fine etc. So, i got a new cooler and installed that with good thermal paste. New memory too. Mounted it in a...
  5. H

    Question I ordered a Dell Precision 3620 with an i7-7700K CPU. Should I be worried?

    I ordered a refurbished Dell Precision 3620 with an i7-7700K CPU. This is where I ordered it: It has already shipped and is supposed to arrive on Thursday. Tonight, I happened across two threads here that mention potential issues with this...
  6. W

    Question Possible faulty motherboard ?

    My computer won't boot up if all my hard drives are connected to the SATA ports on the motherboard, it would power on but just stays on blackscreen and i can't even enter the BIOS. I tried disconnecting all my hard drives from the SATA ports on the motherboard and when I do that I can enter the...
  7. A

    Question How long SATA cables for big tower (Corsair 7000D Airflow)?

    For a clean build.
  8. G

    Question No free SATA ports left, what are my options ?

    Hello, I have Asus Z97-P, It has 4 SATA connections and all of them are occupied. Is there any way I can add another HDD to this setup and can I just remove current HDDs without losing all the data on it? Thanks
  9. Aaave1244

    Question I plugged my C drive with Windows installation into another computer externally, now I can't boot from it ?

    Hey all, I was doing some upgrades for my computer, and I'm migrating to a new system with an NVMe SSD instead of a SATA SSD. I couldn't find the sata power cable for my new power supply (I've found them now) so I decided the easiest way to copy my data over to my new computer would be to use an...
  10. pekodam

    Question How to wipe a cloned drive with the OS?

    Hey, I've just successfully cloned my old SATA SSD into an NVME and am curious on how to wipe the drive in the old SATA SSD without any issues. The old SATA has the OS on it so I felt that complicated things a little more and didn't want to just reconnect it.
  11. A

    Question HDD not showing

    I decided to add a secondary drive onto my pc build (my OS and files are currently on a Samsung SSD M.2 card). I have a 3.5" Seagate hard drive that works perfectly fine when I use an ejectable adapter that connects my HD to the USB port on my pc. My pc recognizes it and I am able to transfer...
  12. F

    Question PCI-E to M2 SATA adapter RAID lanes question

    Hello, i'm thinking of ways add more storage to my PC and was checking PCI-E to M2 SATA adapters like this one My question is how many PCI-E lanes these adapters use, i read that SATA does not use pci-e lanes, read that it uses 1 lane, i got very confused. Do i need to bifurcate my pci-e slot...
  13. K

    Question Converting USB to SATA

    While there are tons of Sata to USB adapters available, I can’t find any info on going the other way. I need to adapt a WD external USB drive to a data input for data recovery. Unlike previous drives from both WD and Seagate, this is a native USB drive it does not simply go through a data to...
  14. A

    Question Data and power cable burned in SSD

    Hi all! I hope you can help me I recently purchased a new Kingston A400 960 GB SSD. When I connected it to my computer, I used a power cable that I didn't realize it was a Type 3 cable from a Corsair power supply (CSM650, I have a NZXT Hale). So when I turned it on, it started to burn (I saw...
  15. Toby_K

    Question 2x SATA -> 8-pin for GTX 1660 Ti ?

    Hi, my old GTX 1060 3GB has recently died, and I got a great deal on an almost brand new GTX 1660Ti (for 120 bucks, with still valid warranty...). When I bought my PC, I knew very little about the hardware, that was 4 years ago. The previous 1060 was powered by: MBD->6-pin...
  16. R

    Question Samsung 870 evo switches to Sata2 from Sata3

    Hi, I replaced my laptop DVD Rom with a Samsung evo 870 500gb. it works just fine but after a couple of minutes of using it, it switches down to Sata2 from Sata3. And it's speed becomes half. I used to have a WD Blue and didn't experience such a problem. I have a HDD also in my laptop but it's...
  17. CoDrift

    [SOLVED] Can't get PCIe SSD to show up

    Ok, a backstory: So I badly needed a storage upgrade since I'm currently running 5 small (Mix of 128s, 500s, 320s) SSDs and HDDs. Thought I'd move to all SSD storage and I wanted to use two separate SSDs. One as boot drive and the other as my main drive for storing data and games etc. My...
  18. dannybueno

    Question Corsair H100 not working with new PSU

    I just upgraded from a 650W PSU to an EVGA 1000GT, and when I tried to boot I got the CPU fan error. I made sure all connections were seated snugly, and tried plugging the SATA power plug for the cooler into SATA 1-4 on the PSU, and the peripheral slot to no avail. Everything else works fine...
  19. E

    Question 5.25" Removable Hard Drive Drawers for SATA drives

    Does anyone know where to buy a removable hard drive drawer for SATA hard drives ? My case has only 3 x 3.5" bays for SATA internal desktop hard drives and I need to put in another hard drive. Do these exist ? I used to use the removable hard drive drawers for IDE HDD but cannot find this same...
  20. Dagoth-ur

    Question Got a HDD that won't initialize, and has no visible space?

    Hello everyone, I hope someone will be able to help me find out if I've bought a broken HDD. Short of it is I bought a HDD, it wouldn't show in 'my computer' yet the docking station appears fine. I can't initialize or do much with it. I'll add some images for context with a breakdown (inserting...
  21. randompunk

    Question Power connector for HP ML370 ML350 G6 SFF Backplane Board 511785-001

    Hello All, I am wondering if this board could be added to a PC and be powered by the current PSU? If so are there any adapter cables that can utilise spare Molex cables and turn them in to a 10 pin EPS ( I think its an EPS ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers See pics below, If...
  22. D

    Question M.2 SATA SSD Not Recognized

    To start here are the relevant specs: Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming B450-PLUS II SSD: SK Hynix SC308 128GB M.2 SATA SSD The SSD in question currently contains an old Windows 10 installation, and I'm trying to reformat it for use as a normal storage drive. I already have a 2.5" SATA SSD with my...
  23. L

    Question FUJITSU Esprimo P400 Sata restriction?

    Hi, I have a Fujitsu Esprimo P400 mini tower, but the four Sata sockets won't allow four decides, only three. It's a mixture of behavior... The forth device would not be recognized or the forth device would be recognized, but an existing Sata device would be made unavailable. I'm wondering...
  24. B

    Question STRIX-E Z790 motherboard is not detecting SATA hard drives in new build

    Hi all, First time visitor and poster to these forums. I'm at a complete loss on this one. I have done a fresh build with a Asus ROG STRIX-E Z790 motherboard., PSU is Thermaltake 1650 Toughpower GF3 PSU and a 13th gen processer. I have 3 NVME drives installed which were detected with no...
  25. D

    Question Difference in transfer rate

    Well, I'm about to spend some money on a setup, but came across a major question. I found two HDDs. Both SATA. Very different storages. One 20 TB and the other 8TB. But what's intriguing are the specs. 4TB one says 3000 megabytes per sec 20TB says 285 megabytes per sec but they also include the...
  26. magicbf

    Question SSD for game storage/steam library

    Hello, i'm looking for some SSD, which is at least 480GB to store some of my games and steam library. I don't care if it's SATA or M.2 I'm assuming that i don't need DRAM? Would something like Samsung 980 be fine, or i can possibly go for some cheap SATA with even higher capacity?
  27. R

    Question SATA Power extensions.

    I have a right angle sata power cable which makes it difficult to mount my SSD on the back of my Chassis. I need to get an extension that is flat and connect it to that right angle power cable. I am just wondering can I buy any extension and not have an issue with the PSU frying my SSD? I have a...
  28. Artifice_gg

    Question How easy is it to replace a 3.5" sata connector?

    I saved up and bought a WD80EAZZ (8TB, Western Digital blue) last month. I was an idiot and didn't have it properly secured in my case. Long story short: the plastic support brackets broke off the hard drive's SATA connector, the pins at least look alright: I've scoured and seen some similar...
  29. E

    Question Windows BSOD after update and now drives either not showing or are at 0/0 bytes free.

    Windows 10 updated and restarted automatically while i was at work. i came home and was able to log in and after 2 minutes everything started freezing up and i got a BSOD. I did not record the error code as i thought this was a one off crash. When i tried to boot again i got sent to the...
  30. Pablobhn

    Question PSU SATA not working for hdd

    When I connect my HDD to my PSU SATA cable, it doesn't turn on. The PSU is a cougar gx modular one, I've tried 3 different SATA cables (all of them are 8 pin - 5 for real - to 3 or 4 sata connectors in chain, none of the connectors work). I've tested the HDD with an external PSU (transformer...
  31. A

    Question Problems with PC/Motherboard/BIOS ?

    Hello dear Forum visitors! I really need your help. I've been sitting without a PC for a month The computer sees the hard drives, but does not load them. Even at first I didn't install Windows on them. I decided to change the power supply, it seemed to be in it and buy an ssd. Here it is -...
  32. M

    Question Is my AIO running at 100% permanently?

    Hi, just had an AIO replaced via RMA, and don't want to go through it again, currently running my replaced AIO via Sata power through an adapter, I have heard keeping the AIO at a consistent speed is beneficial for life span. The cooler is a Lian Li Galahad 240mm. Thank you!
  33. N

    Question Is Teamgroup SSD Vulcan Z series good SATA SSD? Any comparison?

    Is Teamgroup SSD Vulcan Z series good SATA SSD? Any comparison?
  34. N

    Question SSD is not being detected in the BIOS

    Hi the ssd (tried nvme and SATA) hasn't been showing up in the bios, I've tried using all SATA slots (for the SATA SSD) and the nvme ssd worked in another pc but I'm not sure what else to do my motherboard is ga a320m s2h (rev 1) and the bios version is at F53 so not sure if I should update it...
  35. aryanmirdha10

    Question Drives not recognized in BIOS ?

    So, long story short, my PC was working perfectly fine until my PSU got fried by high voltage. After 6 months of not using my PC bought new one but now a new problem is there. I started the PC and instead of loading up Windows normally it says "Enter a valid bootable media". And also my BIOS...
  36. luneki

    [SOLVED] Should i go with m.2 or SATA SSD for 2nd drive?

    For my new build i went with a Samsung 980 500 GB, and i thought i'd add a 1 TB HDD as a 2nd drive, but it's not much more to get another SSD. However i'm really confused as to how PCI lanes work, and if my 2nd drive should be another m.2 or a SATA SSD. I'm running an i7-13700K with a ROG...
  37. vollachr

    Question M.2 & SATA Limitations on GIGABYTE Aorus B550 Elite V2?

    Hi, I have a GIGABYTE Aorus B550 Elite V2 motherboard, currently running 1 M.2 NVME & 4 SATA drives, planning due to two failing mechanical HDDs to replace them with 1 SATA SSD & 1 m.2 NVME SSD, thing is, I can't figure out if my board allows to use all M.2 & SATA ports at the same time, I know...
  38. J

    Question Advice on SATA HDD to USB adaptor

    Hi, I’m currently using a notebook, but there are a few files on my previous computer’s HDD that I need. I have searched countless sites, and either they don’t have one (not even Curry’s PC World to my shock), or I’m just not sure if it’s right for my HDD. I have a Western Digital Black Sata...
  39. JaydenDev

    Question Weird SSD problems...

    Basically, at a random point of time when I reboot my machine it won't boot. It'll get stuck at the "ASUS" BIOS logo. And then when I unplug, reboot, and plug the SSD back in, it boots just fine. No errors during use! Another thing, when I try to boot off a USB drive with the SSD plugged in it...
  40. C

    Question GPU cannot be fully seated in top PCIe slot despite components apparently being compatible

    Hi there, my GPU can't be fully seated into my top PCIe slot because the SATA ports are getting in the way. It fits into the bottom PCIe and works fine because there is no obstruction. I have a Z590 Pro4 motherboard and my GPU is a 3070 Ti. My case is a Corsair 4000D Airflow. What can I do? For...