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    Question Installing A SATA SSD For Games/storage, is it a bad idea to set a split page file on your two SSDs/Is There Any Specific Route To Take To Format?

    I am well aware that in most scenarios setting your page file to automatic is the best way, however I just prefer to have a static set page file for my own OCD reasons and am asking these questions based on hypothetical results and would greatly appreciate any answers. I have a few questions...
  2. G

    Question Using all M.2 slots will affect performance?

    It's my first time buying a board with M.2 slots. I'm thinking of buying the MSI PRO B660M-A PLUS WIFI. - A friend told me using the 2 M.2 slots will affect the system performance. Is this true? - What about SATA ports can I use all 4 without losing performance?
  3. LongwayToFuture

    Discussion Intel Raptor Lake or Intel Meteor Lake 2023?

    I whas wondering is it good idea to buy now CPU or wait till next year to see what Intel or AMD has to ofer and i'm in need of upgrading something Good to best to last at least the next 7 Years What would be good Motherboard CPU GPU PC for Gaming and maybe Video Editing Intel Raptor...
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    [SOLVED] Drives failure, in the span of 3 months

    Hello, So 2 and a half years ago, or to be more precise, 28 months ago I got a 2TB Seagate Barracuda and I have been completely satisfied with the drive as it replaced a 12 year old Toshiba HDD. But 2 months ago while I was playing a game it crashed, everything started lagging so I decided to...
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    Question NVMe SSD not detected on new Gigabyte motherboard ?

    Hi. I just bought a new rig including a Gigabyte B660M GAMING motherboard. I was previously using an A320M S2H motherboard with a HikVision E100N 256GB M.2 SATA SSD installed. My problem is that the same SSD isn't being detected on the new B660M and despite its light turning on, the BIOS states...
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    Question What measures are in place to protect hard drives from Silent Data Corruption (SDC)?

    I've read some articles about Silent Data Corruption across SATA channels. Apparently there are some mechanisms in SATA HDDs to prevent (or at least reduce) the rate of SDC. What is this mechanism, and can I rely on it? Do I need to worry about SDC in a 100TB storage array for instance? My...
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    Question Advice on Buying New SSD (M.2 PCIe or 2.5" SATA)

    I had a motherboard issue a while back and couldn't replace it for a while, but recently did so, only to discover that the 2.5" PNY SSD I had decided to die while it was not in use (even though I had used it a few times attached as an external drive). I'm now looking for a new SSD as a boot...
  8. fitzy_rs

    Question Increasing UltraDMA (UDMA) CRC Error Count

    Hi team, I've been running a Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB HDD in our Inspiron R 5537 from factory since 2014. Approx. 2016 a completely fresh install of Win10 Home was made. I wouldn't be able to graph the progression, but currently, the laptop takes minutes to load all the background processes and...
  9. J

    Question OS is on SATA, Games and Apps used daily on M.2 NVME SSD.

    Does putting my OS in my SATA makes my apps and games in my M.2 NVME load times not live up to its potential?
  10. T

    Question Do SSDs get warm quickly?

    Really quick one - I was just building a PC for my mate and something I've never noticed before. I put a SSD in booted into BIOS, turned the PC off, and then took the SSD out - the PC was on for maybe....5 mins? When taking the SSD out even though it hadn't been used it was warm to the touch...
  11. 5leadgaming

    Question Bandwidth limitations m.2/SATA B550-F Gaming (WiFi)

    I have just purchased a 2nd m.2 SSD for my system, I already had a 1tb m.2 for my OS and other things along with a 10tb SATA HDD. Didn't think much about limitations on bandwidth, I've tried a few combinations of things to make all 3 devices connect properly with no luck, I'm not too...
  12. D

    Question Win10 won't boot if I add second HDD

    This is a first for me: Just did a major upgrade on my roommate's computer (CPU - Intel 11th Gen/RAM - 16GB/Mobo - Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X/Storage - 2TB Firecuda NVME). I installed Windows 10 on the new NVME drive, no issues, even after several reboots. When I try to add one of his old SATA...
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    Question SSD Powering Issue | Sleep Mode bugged

    Hello! This is the first time I ask about anything on a forum, and you get why - I am totally stumped now with my issue. I try to figure out what is the problem. Here are all the details: My specs: MSI Z390 Edge Gaming Intel Core I9 9900 AORUS RTX 2070 CORSAIR 2×8GB Hard Drive 4 TB PHISON SSD...
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    Question I have a NVME SSD + SATA SSD + HDD. What is the best way to divide the tasks between them?

    I have a 2TB NVME SSD, a 750GB SATA SSD and a normal 1TB HDD. I was thinking about exclusively storing games (game files) on the NVME SSD while using the SATA SSD as the main/boot drive (Windows install) + storing software on it while I use the normal HDD for normal big file storage (media...
  15. Jaris123

    Question 100 % active time for my lexar SSD NM100

    It is showing 100% active time for my ssd , I have also checked the health of my ssd and it is fine. the laptop has become very much slow becaus of this Can any body help me
  16. Question SATA to WLAN

    My laptop's WLAN socket is broken. (Acer aspire 5 a514-52g) It has sata and m.2 connector. I have already use m.2 connector for my nvme storage. So i only have the SATA connector available. I don't want to use usb wifi dongle. Can I use adapter to connect my wifi card to sata connector. It will...
  17. J

    Question SuperMicro X11SRA-F configuration problem

    I had a working server with the X11SRA-F motherboard, and the m/b died suddenly. I sent it back to SM, and they fixed it under warrantee (even thought two years old). The system was: two m.2 SSDs as a RAID1 (Partitions D,E) one m.2 SSD on a PCIe adapter in the PCH slot (boot drive C) CD/DVD...
  18. overclockedhuman

    [SOLVED] Switching To AMD, Will Windows Still Boot From The SSD I Use For Boot Right Now?

    I have an ancient Dell T3500 Desktop (Xeon based from like 2010) that I am currently using to game on, I have all the components to build a new system based on the Ryzen 3 3300x, but I'm unsure about the windows boot process. Ive heard that windows doesn't like having hardware switches. Will it...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Choosing between a WD Blue SSD versus a Samsung 870 QVO SSD for my PS4 Pro ?

    I own a PS4 pro. It is good, But the loading time for the current ps4 pro is very long & I would like to upgrade it with an SSD. I am confused between two options. WD Blue SSD-vs- Samsung 870 QVO. Can anyone explain which one should I go for & why? Samsung 870 QVO is crossing many benchmarks but...
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    Question SSD constantly running at 100% and system keeps hanging frequently

    I upgraded my laptop from an HDD to an SSD awhile ago but every now any then (more recently lately) the SSD just suddenly spikes to 100% usage and every application I'm on including the OS itself just seems to hang or freeze for a minute. The CPU isn't even being maxed out during these freezes...
  21. C00kiie

    [SOLVED] SATA power cable, cant find connector

    Hi! Just received my Corsair H100i, but I cant figure out where to connect the SATA power cable... I have an SF750 PSU, and a AsRock X570 ITX mobo, in a Lian Li Q58 case. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  22. R

    [SOLVED] ASUS ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI LGA 1700 ATX motherboard

    I am trying to purchase the ASUS ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI LGA 1700 ATX motherboard for a new build. I have chosen this motherboard because it can support up to 8 SATA hard drives. I have purchased a Samsung Pro 980 PCIe4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD and an Intel i9-12900K processor. On the spec sheet, under...
  23. D

    Question Is sata to molex safe?

    Hi, i was wondering if i can power a 92mm fan and the rgb on the frontpanel on my case from a sata to molex splitter. Im selling this pc so i need to know if this is 100% safe. Idk how to add pictures but it is a goobay sata to molex splitter and a delta 350w psu. The psu has no molex cables so...
  24. 11gauge

    [SOLVED] Is anyone able to tell me why my SSDs are slow? I'm stumped.

    I recently benchmarked my PC to see how it's holding up now that its a few years old. Everything is performing as expected except for my SSDs, which are both vastly underperforming at nearly identical rates to each other. I googled a few remedies to try, like clearing out some space so the drive...
  25. krelidas_34

    [SOLVED] Is Samsung PM981 M.2 256 a good NVMe SSD?

    The aforementioned model is installed in my gaming laptop, installed directly from the factory. The thing is fast, stable, and well-rated by Amazon and Newegg. But I can't shake the feeling that there are better ones offered online, such as Samsung 500 Evo/250 Evo. Lack of space isn't the...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] First time installing new SSD on prebuilt computer, need some help

    I imagine this is a super simple task for a lot of you. I very recently got into gaming PCs. I got a prebuilt with these specs. Intel i7 9700 (3.00 Ghz) RTX 2080 SUPER 32GB DDR4 1TB SSD Gigabyte B350M D3SH Motherboard My SSD recently got corrupted. Can't format or install new windows on it...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 won't let me reset my PC, need help how to clean install with my specs

    So, I just want to reset my PC. Get rid of all my apps, files and start fresh. I've already backed everything up. However, everytime I try to reset my PC, i click "remove everything" and "Reinstall windows". It goes to 100% and then it restarts. And then it starts again normally, but nothing...
  28. P

    [SOLVED] What SSD 1tb Works in the M.2_1 slot (aka hyper m.2) on the Asrock b550m pro4

    Im looking for a good 1tb ssd that will work in my mobo. I think the WD SN570 would work but it is a sata ssd and I already have the nvme sata ssd port taken so it won’t work. I am looking for one that will work in the first m.2 slot on the ASrock B500m pro4. Thanks
  29. Dendommenaap

    [SOLVED] 2 of my sata ports on mb not working what to do now?

    hey i have a question i built myself a nas-server. i'm using a 500gb nvme ssd from samsung as chache a standisk ssd for bootdrive and 5 wd 1tb hdd's for storage the only problem is that now 2 of the 6 sata connectors on the mb stopped working . do you know if there is a way to fix this?
  30. Chadlimley

    [SOLVED] 8 pin SATA power connector on motherboard?

    So I have this client that needs a replacement 8 pin SATA power cable. The odd part is, the SATA power connects to the motherboard instead of the power supply. This is an odd set-up to me, but nevertheless, I need to find a replacement cable. I’ve included some pictures - hopefully someone can...
  31. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Do motherboards with M.2 slots support both M.2 NVME and M.2 SATA?

    Apologies for the ludicrous question, I am new to M.2 drives I know little to nothing about them, and I am planning to upgrade to these types of drives specifically NVME. My question is, if a motherboard has/supports M.2 drive slots, are both NVME and SATA M.2 SSD drives supported in the slots...
  32. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] What is a RAID Setup?

    Good day, As the title says, what is a RAID setup when it comes to storage configuration, I have been reading a lot of about this online but I just can't seem to understand the techy gobbledygook, can someone please provide an answer in "English"? An answer that can be easily understood and at...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] SATA Drives not working together anymore

    Hi, I have recently tested a friend's 3,5" SATA HDD in my system. To do so I had unplugged my own two SATA 3,5" HDDs (WD BLUE 1TB & WD GREEN 1TB) before as well as my SSD drive. After done and plugging everything back into my system, always one of the two HDD is not found. So both of them...
  34. F

    [SOLVED] NVMe SSD only has a speed of 800MB/s

    Hey, so i got a new SSD from Adata XPG Gammix S11 Pro and it's an NVMe one and I was sure that it works with my motherboard(Asustek z97-p) and it does to an extent. I can see it in windows and I can copy stuff on it, I even played some video games but I tried to test it's speed and it maxed out...
  35. Folkmane102

    [SOLVED] NVME Windows 10 OS not booting

    So I have a 500 gb nvme ssd that already has a windows 10 OS on it that I've used normally for years. I decided to install a windows 10 OS on a SATA ssd I had lying around so I took my NVME out while I did it. I used the SATA for a few days then unplugged it and replugged the NVMEM.2 back in its...
  36. Question Strange SATA issue in ASRock UEFI

    Hi, I have an ASRock Z370 extreme4 MB and have been using it for the past 6 months as an UNRAID server. I have 7 HDD's attached and up until last night everything was fine. I needed to reboot UNRAID and when I did it came back up with a drive missing. I hooked it up to a keyboard and monitor...
  37. Ttechnologick

    [SOLVED] I've slowly added a total of 6 Hard drives to my system. And the method i used has created a complete mess... I think

    I have 6 Hard drives installed. And yeah, i thought i was clever and just stuffed them in all willynilly. I have programs installed on each one. Windows will show some of the programs in start some in add/remove and some i just randomly find when im going through folders (I just found a...
  38. P

    [SOLVED] Use my old desktop's SATA HD on my laptop

    So, I just found my old desktop on my basement, but unfortunately it turns on but shows no video at all. How do I connect the old HD to my laptop to access it via my laptop? I don't mean only access the files, but browse the PC like it was when I last used it, check how I left the desktop, see...
  39. WhyDoesThisFail

    [SOLVED] Drive does not work when connected to motherboard (but it works with USB)

    Hi All, I have this hard drive: HGST Ultrastar He10 I does work in anther machine (which has a raid controller build in) and it works just fine when i plug it in via USB (Inateck USB 3.0 Dockingstation). However: When I connect it via SATA to my motherboard it wont work. It does not spin up...
  40. Benjamin0403

    [SOLVED] Need some help, missing pins!

    Hi guys! I have an old pc and I won’t buy a new one before ddr5 and the new chipsets are out. I just bought a crucial mx500 250gb. I have an old dirt cheap 400w power supply with 2 sata cables. My problem is that both cables are missing 3 pins next from the L shaped notch. I searched for answers...