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  1. Question Anyone know HDD this laptop use?

    Anyone know what drive this laptop use? Its a Sony Vaio PCG-4H1M Thanks
  2. F

    Question PC not POSTing, boot cycles only when SATA is plugged in ?

    I'm hoping to get some insight into what might be happening with my PC that I built. I've spent hours researching and troubleshooting to no avail. This is what I've done: AMD Ryzen 5600x RAM Corsair Vengeance PRO 16GB MB: MSI B550 A Pro Video: Asus TUF 3080 PSU XPG 750W 2x 2.5" SSDs connected...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Which hard disk drive would you recommend for OS in a new rig?

    These are the SSDs I was considering, WD and samsung cheap 1tb HDDs. I do not know much about differences in M.2 and normal SATA, etc... So I could use some help. The idea is using it for the Operative System so It should be fast but reliable, I usually also store some games on main hdd. WD...
  4. Rodion15

    Question Back up hard drive over SATA vs USB

    I usually try to back up hard drives by plugging them to SATA rather than USB, as I heard that the SATA-to-USB conversion may affect the transfer. Is this really true? I find USB more convenient so I’d like to know if it’s worth the hassle. Any advice much appreciated
  5. Question SSD in Optical bay is recognized as USD device (speeds are terrible)

    HP 15-db0186au SSD used : Crucial BX500 120GB Removed my optical bay to add this SSD with a caddy bay Tested the caddy and the SSD with another system/laptop, they are working fine. I think the problem is either with my BIOS or with my SATA / AHCI Controller. Please help I am purely...
  6. cinomadic

    [SOLVED] Removing Drives in RAID 0

    Hello, I bought my computer as a custom workstation from an online store many years ago. I've gotten a new computer and I wish to sell some of the disk drives from the old computer. The 4 Intel DC S3500 Series 800GB SATA III SSD are in RAID0 with a MARVELL controller. They are not the OS drive...
  7. Question Evolv Shift 2 panel RGB not working ?

    Hello, I've recent built into the case and the RGB in the top panel is not working (pic of how it should look like below). I have only connected the SATA cable since my motherboard does not have RGB connections. However as far as I remember SATA should be enough to power a little light and 2...
  8. S

    Question Disks wont mount after replaced power cable

    Hello, I have an issue with a very long story but I'll cut to the chase. I have had power problems in my apartment recently and as a result I began having electrical problems inside my PC. Some disks started to fail and one fan stopped working. After some trial and error I figured out one...
  9. J

    Question Seagate Exos X18 Enterprise 18TB

    hi, can I use this HDD in my desktop PC, mainly for storing my movies and music collection ? Seagate Exos X18 Enterprise 18TB HDD CMR 3.5" Hyperscale SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 512e 4Kn Fast Format Low Latency with Improved Caching Model Number: ST18000NM000J thanks
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Where do I Connect my AIO Cooler (Help, Im new to AIO Liquid Cooling)

    Hi! I recently bought an ID Cooling Auraflow x 120 (120mm radiator)and it has so many pins and connectors and I do not know which connector goes to which. Apparently my motherboard only has two fan connectors one is named CPU_FAN and CHA_FAN In the AIO, there are two cables from the PUMP...
  11. R

    Question Need help identifying unknown data transfer cable

    Hi everybody, I purchased an old Samsung TV (UN19F4000) with the intention to install a hardrive inside of it. The TV has a USB slot, and the plan is to wire a storage device inside the back panel and seal it up, bypassing the external USB port. However, I cant tell which wire is which as the...
  12. I

    Question Adding an unsupported amount of storage to laptop

    My laptop specs says that it supports this for storage: *Supports Quadruple-Storage System 128/256GB mSATA SSD 128/256GB mSATA SSD + 500/750GB/1TB 2.5" HDD 5400/7200rpm 128/256GB mSATA SSD + 128/256GB mSATA SSD + 500/750GB/1TB 2.5" HDD 5400/7200rpm 500/750GB/1TB 2.5" HDD 5400/7200rpm I would...
  13. FelixTheCat2021

    Question SSDs no longer recognised by MSW10 after Update - please help?

    Hi all, After a bigger Windows 10 Update (2020H2) my OS stopped recognising my three SSD SATA drives (M.2 boot drive still works fine). Yesterday, prior to the update, all drives still worked just fine. All drives are recognised by the BIOS, but the SATA drives are not recognised by Windows...
  14. C

    Question M.2 Sata III SSD inside the WWAN Slot of the Lenovo P50s

    I have the Lenovo P50s laptop (type 20FL). My question relates to the WWAN port inside of the laptop. I have read that people have used an 2242 M.2 Sata SSD inside the WWAN port of their laptops. I saw a post on Reddit that mentions this on the P50s, but it sounds like it is not compatible...
  15. Skydaz

    Question Local Disk Keep disconnect and reconnect sometimes while producing a Buzz sound.

    Specs ; Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac Rtx 2060 16GB XPG ram B450m asrock steel legend 120GB SSD Gigabyte GP-GSTFS31120GNTD Health 97% 1 TB HDD Seagate ST1000NM0033-9ZM173 Health 100% source hddsentinel* Hi, so my weird problem is, when ever im using my PC {not idle} ...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Installed new SSD and switched my HDD in a caddy. HDD not working anymore

    (Sorry for the bad english, not my first language). I bought a new Crucial MX500 SSD and I replaced my TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 with it. I then put the HDD in the optic reader slot, in a caddy. Premise: before this, my DVD reader didn't work. I installed the OS (Windows 10 64b) on the SSD via USB...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] Sata & ESata Question

    Hello, I want to add an 8 port sata card to my system but I have a question. Can I use one of those conversion cables to turn one port into esata connector? (no Power needed) I am buying a powered unit that needs a single esata connector which is why I ask. Thanks in advance Grenpara
  18. S

    Question Recommend a external hard drive docking station to wipe drives

    I have decommissioned a Western Digital MyCloud EX4 and I need to wipe the 4 drives that lived in the NAS. I have a Sabrent SATA to USB connector and tried to wipe the drives from Ubuntu, but when viewing the drives with gdisk -l and lsusb, I could see a ton of errors, for some reason. I...
  19. R

    [SOLVED] Do i need to change my CMOS battery?

    Hello, Starting a few days ago, whenever my pc has been unplugged from power for a while and i start it, it then starts for a brief second, and then restarts and i get to the American Megatrends screen where it says: Please enter setup to recover BIOS setting. After setting up Intel(R) Optane...
  20. V

    [SOLVED] m.2 NVME detected as SATA drive

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded my rig. Along with my MB, CPU and PSU I bought a new SSD. The old one is Samsung's 850 EVO NVME m.2. It works excellent, I don't have any complains. So here's the problem.. When I got my new MB (ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero) I installed the new SSD (Samsung 980...