HP netserver LX PRO


May 23, 2011
So hey peoples. I just was given two servers and one of them is dead but the other is a HP netserver LX PRO.

I can get it to POST and check is memory... then it checks BIOS and said that there is no BIOS. Then it scans all of its drive (12 drives in hardware RAID) and deducts that there is no bootable SCII device. I can not go into the BIOS like a regular desktop and get options for booting off of the IDE cd-dvd drive. So can someone help me get preferably Fedora running on it?
Im thinking that there is supposed to be a disk for getting into the BIOS but Im not sure.
THanks for any help :)



Jul 2, 2012

I have the same server, and I've had it running with slackware installed, although right now it's used as a table...it's just too loud.

It's an EISA machine, which means that in order to configure devices, you need the EISA setup utility. In mine, it's on a floppy disk that came in a pocket on the underside of the top panel. You boot the floppy disk to get the equivalent to the bios setup. Each EISA card came with it's own floppy/utility to it's configuration...I think the one that came with the machine handled the two PCI buses and boot order.

HP.com still has the machine listed in their support section, check this link for a copy of the "ECU" on their website. There's also a drivers section for few different (old) os's, like Windows NT.

I know this is an old question, but I hope it helps. How many procs does yours have? Mine has four. :) Finding compatible drives can be a pain though...I have a few 9 gb ones. I wonder if a more modern SCSI SCA drive will work.