Question I 5 9400f or r5 2600

Dec 30, 2018
I have gtx 1070 msi armor 8 gb oc and i need cpu for it that wont bottleneck.
Which cpu is better just for gaming and why. Thanks
Well both CPU’s need a new motherboard then. Personally I would wait for the new Ryzen 3000 series launching in a few weeks but if I must choose out of those 2 then I pick the 2600. With the 2600 just make sure you have dual channel and reasonably fast RAM of about 3000mhz or more as Ryzen performance is significantly impacted by RAM.
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What about i 5 9600k ? How it will work with my gpu ?
I have 8 gb ram 2666,
gtx 1070 oc armor 8gb
Mobo is msi 370 gaming plus. Will it be perfect pc ?
Assuming the motherboard comes with a newer BIOS installed then it will work. If the BIOS is not a newer version that supports 9th gen CPU’s then it won’t work without access to an 8th gen cpu allowing you to update the BIOS. Only Z390 support 9th gen CPU’s with all BIOS versions.

Personally I just prefer Ryzen 2600 to any i5. The 2600 has twice as many threads. I’ve seen reviews of the current i5’s getting very high usage or even maxing out across all cores. Now currently this is only a situation when aiming for high FPS in cpu heavy games. However we saw similar with the older 4 core/thread i5’s, as soon as games started needing more than 4 threads to achieve 60+ FPS quad core became entry level. To me it looks like the current i5’s will be going the same way in the not too distant future. If you are concerned about Intel’s better IPC then wait for the Ryzen 3000 series which looks like it removes the difference.

Finally 8gb RAM is a little limiting, some newer AAA will stutter at times, hence why they recommend 16gb. 2666mhz is ok for Ryzen but there is a little performance lost compared to 3000-3200. With either setup it is important to have dual channel so make sure not to use a single stick, ideally 2x8gb.


Feb 10, 2009
I found your mobo on Newegg and it states it supports 8th gen Intel processors, but doesn't mention 9th gen support. If you can find a good price on an i5-8400 it is quite a bit faster than your i5-7500 and would be a great plug and play upgrade for you. Add another 8GB of RAM and you're set for a while.

If you can find your mobo on the manufacturer's website and see if you can upgrade the firmware to use 9th gen processors then it would be worth getting the i5 9400f instead. It has basically the same performance as the 8400, but costs significantly less. Keep in mind the 9400f has to be used with a dedicated graphics card since it doesn't contain onboard video, which isn't an issue for most of us.


Feb 19, 2019
I have gtx 1070 msi armor 8 gb oc and i need cpu for it that wont bottleneck.
Which cpu is better just for gaming and why. Thanks
Both seems right intel is slightly better let’s say you play game at 150fps with ryzen you will play it 160 with intel but I would recommend you to get ryzen 2600 unless you will play at low setting (you want 240fps or higher) go with intel 9400f