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Ok, I'm feeling pretty good right now! Refurbishing a GA-586ATS Mobo system, originally taken out of service by a virus that destoyed part of the BIOS. This thing would boot up to the first command, then take out the motherboard. I tried to figure it out for about an hour, then decided to flash bios-no go, no motherboard, so I added Autoexec.bat to the boot disk with the falsh program (no autoflash) and made it autoflash through a command. Bingo, up and running. I then found an undocumented multiplier and set it at 233. Added a tweaked Stealth II and a 3.2GB hard drive that would not format because of similar problems, but I magically fixed that as well. Now I'm selling it to a friend for $300 with a 56k modem. Total investment-about $60 and a few hours work. I was so amazed when it came back up! But now I have this stupid message at boot that says "unknown flash type", a benign side affect of the virus that took it out in the first place, but the buyer won't care, since it continues past the message unaffected.

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