Question I can't play minecraft with a ryzen 5, 16gb ram and a 2060 super


May 1, 2020
A little clickbaity but it's true.
Thing is, yesterday I was trying to play minecraft in the last version (1.16.5) with seus hrr test 2.1 and everything went ok but I wanted to try some ultra definition resource pack and I downloaded the Stratum 2048x rp, I know it's kinda hard to run that even with ultra high end hardware, but I should be able to at least run it, no matter if it's only at 6fps, but my game got stuck loading the shader/rp (tried both ways, first the shader or the rp and then apply the rp/shader) and my ram usage went up to 100%, my gpu and cpu usage went down to almost idle.
Then I obviously closed the java runtine but my os even tho I was not longer doing anything, became laggy with idle loads on everything, not even disk usage which is kind of weird, a quick restart and it solves the lag but it's annoying.
I tried the same with patrick x256 which should be way less demandant to my pc and I can perfectly run it at +300fps on 1440p but I can't even run it with chocapic low because the same thing happens, idle gpu and cpu load, 100% ram usage, system laggy afterwards until I restart.
Tried other shaders like continuum 2.1 but nothing changes, the same happens.
Some time ago I tried continuum 2.1 with a 1024 texture pack and aside that it runned like penguin crap at 3 fps, it..., well, runned.
(or is it ran? as you can see, english is not my first language)
I tried assigning 10gb and 14gb ram to minecraft btw
Could it be the gpu drivers? haven't tried that yet but I dont really think so.
Or is it that my pc cant handle it?
I also tried to run it on window mode and at a low resolution.
I mean, I should be able to at least run it...
Ryzen 5 3500 @ stock (50-60ish under full load)
MSI Gaming X 2060 super 8gb, samsung memory @ stock & +120 core, +1200 memory +104 power (about 50-60Cish under full load, about 40-45C under full memory load mining)
16gb ram 3000mhz cl16
700w 80+ bronze
Kingston a400 240gb
1440p @ 144hz tn
Excuse my bad english!
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You forgot to mention the make and model of your motherboard. Include your motherboard BIOS version as well. 700W is the wattage of the unit(that's on the sticker) while 80+bronze is it's efficiency rating, it doesn't state what the make and model of the unit is. As for your monitor, make and model of the unit and how you're connected to the panel? Version of OS? Ideally you should be on version 21H1.