Question I guess my system works not like it actually should

Feb 20, 2019
Hi guyz, i gotta question. I completed my new build a couple of weeks ago. And here is my system specs:
  • Amd ryzen 2700x
  • MB is Asus ROG Strix X470-I Gaming
  • Gigabyte rtx 2080 white
  • Ssd Samsung pro 850 (my old one wanna get m.2 in near future)
  • 16 gb ram Patriot (16-15-15-36) (working on 2133 atm) single stick, cause my g.skill with rgb was not working for some reason. So, I returned it and waiting for replacement atm
  • Windows 10 with latest drivers and software
All this stuff sitting in the nzxt h200i, CPU got cooled by nzxt kraken x62, replaced 2 stock fans with aer rgb 120 mm, and I put another 140 mm aer rgb fan inside of the case (mounted it to the kraken radiator). So the air flow config maybe wrong but I’m not sure about that. As for now it looks like that – 2 case fans working for exhaust (rear and the top one those 120 mm). Kraken instruction says I should pace it’s fans for intake but I’ve put top fan vice versa and added another one from the inside (the one with rgb) and on the bottom side of kraken radiator I have a single 140 mm fan sat for intake of air (just like the instruction says).
So one time for some question. The first one is about the cpu. None of the software gives me exact temperatures of cpu. Every single program shows temperature that jumps forth and back from 40 to 50+ in idle and CPU diode goes to 110-120 degrees in Celsius. Don’t really sure wtf is that but still some software says Its actual CPU temp for some reason lol. The first question is this airflow config really can work or I should sacrifice the cool factor and rotate a pair of top fans on kraken for intake to make components inside the case feel better?
Another question is the performance of the build. As far as I know, using that config I can play almost every single game in 4k getting 40-50 fps with no problem, but the games I’ve tested give me some freezes and fps drops to 10-12 fps and it feels so bad, so I guess if I would take 2080 ti it would be only slightly better. So I think the problem is the settings of the hardware. How can I fix that? Because even if I use 1080 p in battlefield v I still have like 30-60 fps, meanwhile fps lock in game set to 200. So it turns out like it does not matter what I change I get 30-60 fps with all settings of graphics quality and resolutions. Same thing is true if I try Apex – but here I have like 45-60 fps usually with drops to 15-25. Any suggestions? Thank you all a lot 😊 And sorry for my poor eng skills, wasn't usin it for ages :D

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