Question I have a prebuilt Legion T5-26AMR5 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 90RB and I want to put in a 600w power supply. What kind should I use?

Mar 27, 2021
Hello everyone,
The PC that I have is a prebuilt Legion T5-26AMR5 Desktop (Lenovo) - Type 90RB with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Super Graphics Card and I mainly want to get a 600w PSU for future upgrades. If this is possible, what kind of 600w PSU should I get for my PC?
Here is the link
It appears that Lenovo did you a favor with a standard ATX power supply. This was merely a quick visual confirmation based on the gallery pics on their webpage. DO CONFIRM.

I would absolutely look inside and make sure that your motherboard is utilizing standard connectors. For instance 24 pin 2x4 CPU power...and such. Many of the OEM prebuilders use whack a doo connectors just to keep users from changing things readily.