Question I Need Help Switching to a New SSD

Apr 12, 2020
Hello all!

I've just recently bought a new SSD (my first) and want to get it going, but I'm unsure of the technical side of the process of doing what I want. Specifically, I'd like to install the new SSD with Windows (I have my disc still from my previous install) and make it my primary drive that the computer boots from, BUT I'd like to keep my old HDD as a secondary storage device on the computer.

So I'm not sure what the best way to approach this is, or in what order. Do I install the new SSD, set it up, then change it to my primary drive afterwards? Or do I unplug the HDD, install the SDD, or something like that? I'm also not sure what sort of files would be a good idea to transfer from my HDD, if Drivers for my devices are located on it or something like that.

If anyone could help me figure out a Step-By-Step for making this swap, it'd be much appreciated!

PC Tailor

Here you go:

It will cover what to connect/disconnect also.