I need some advice...


Mar 26, 2010
im currently on the lookout for a new tower to replace my Zalman gs1000 dont ask my why.

Current configuration:

I5 750 @ at 3,8Ghz
6GB 1333 ddr3 ram @ around 1450Mhz if i remember correct.
5870 sapphire vaporX OC edition.
2 harddrives in raid (samsung F3´s)
My cooler is the noctua SE2
MB is Asus P7P55D

question is i seen alot of nice miditowers around (i would really love something smaller then the zalman Gs1000, an i might need some help in deciding.

my first pick would be the Nzxt Panzerbox (love it but hear its VERy noisy :(
2nd pick would then be a Antec 300 (but i really dont like all the flashy lights :(
3rd pick CM storm sniper but thats a bit more pricy then the others, an is it worth it?

well to summery up im looking for advice concerning future case, top price is 200 dollars, and im interested in good cooling (great cooling actually) space an well sound does count a bit, nothing fancy just functionality.

hope u guys will help me an thanks already for some awesome answers u have given me already :)
Have a look at the Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord cases. They come in a variety of configurations and prices. Ventilation, airflow, cooling, fan noise, space, and cable management are excellent.


Here is a link to a video review of the pc-k60 version made by one of the veteran posters at this forum:


mwave.com has the lowest prices in the USA:



Mar 26, 2010
thank you so much had already thought of those lancool cases an those look kinda right for me :)

but i really REALLY love the panzerbox, u have any idea on how much noise it actually makes? is it possible to live with?
All of the technical reviews I read mentioned the NZXT Panzerbox was loud. I've never had a Panzerbox so I don't know just how loud it might be. We've have two Fry's Electronics store here in Phoenix, Arizona that I visit frequently. They usually have 30 to 40 cases on display. Unfortunately I've never seen a Panzerbox on display.

Here is a link to an excellent technical review of the case:


Ancient History - Back in the very early days of personal computing we didn't care about noise. We just wanted excellent airflow and cooling because cpu's did not have heatsinks and fans. We installed Panasonic Panaflo and Delta case fans that could really move huge amounts of air but they sounded like jet fighters breaking the sound barrier.

Quiet is relative. One person's quiet pc may be another person's jet fighter.