Question I need some major help

Jun 15, 2020
So I just built a new pc over a month ago. Everything was working flawlessly. Last night I was playing a game and all of a sudden the screen went black and when I restart the computer I get no boot. No led light cycles just remains on the orange led. I went out and bought a new psu in case my old one was failing. That didn’t solve it. Tried changing ram slots, that didn’t solve it. Weird thing is even when I take both ram stick out the orange light remains. My manual says it’s a ram problem but all this stuff is brand new I don’t understand. How does it go from working fine for many weeks then just black and no boot anymore? All the rgb lights light up fans spin monitor shows it’s getting signal just nothing shows up on screen. Also my keyboard and mouse are unresponsive now. Any help with this would be amazing. I’ve exhausted all my options before I decide to take it in and spend more money on repairs and new parts if nessecary

my parts include:
Asus rog strix b450 gaming
Asus gtx 1070ti gpu
Trident g skills rgb 16gb ram 3200
Gamdias Aio liquid cooler
250gb ssd
500GB HDD 7200rpm
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