Oct 2, 2009
i've broken in my 2500k with the Hyper 212+ and AS-5 finally. these are the temps i'm seeing at stock speeds, no turbo boost or OC done. how do these temps look? acceptable?

ambient temp - 75 (unfortunately this is on our 1st floor so we don't turn the air on unless it gets over 75, we just let the cool air from other floors cool this room).


core 0 - 33
core 1 - 32
core 2 - 35
core 3 - 30

prime 95 small fft 15 minute test, max temp:

core 0 - 55
core 1 - 57
core 2 - 60
core 3 - 56

this is in a pretty old case with only a front 80mm fan and a rear 120mm fan (plus the 120mm fan on the 212+ and the 165mm fan on the PSU). also i was seeing about 62-63 on p95 but my desk has one of those holes cut out for the PC so there was a lot of air being trapped in there. i took my saw and cut out a big hole on the back so the rear PSU fan and case fan could expel the air completely out of the PC space, which seemed to keep the CPU 2-3c cooler when running p95. idle temps were not affected much by this adjustment, which i guess makes some sense.

anyway, do those temps look healthy enough to get by? eventually i will OC, just want to make sure that these stock temps aren't so high than my OC will be limited (obviously within reason it will be limited). also, BF3 temps max out at 52c on core 2. thanks for any help.

lastly, is there any harm in running p95 every now and then? i have done it a few times just to make sure my temps aren't abnormal and my heatsink/fan has been seated properly.


Dec 7, 2011

there's really only one way to find out...