Question i5 4670k OC - Temperatures okay ?

Mar 7, 2019
Hey guys,
Im trying my first OC right now on my old i5 4670k because its getting slow for todays standard.

i set the core voltage to 1.19 (manual)
and the core ratio to 42. (sync all cores)

Those were my results after running IBT a few times.

Cpu Settings and Temps - Imgur

Is it fine or do i need to change something ?


CPU: Intel i5 4670k
CPU Cooler: Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 3
Mobo: Asus Z-87-A
GPU: Gtx 1070
how many hours have you tested it for?

Have you read the OC sticky?

From those screenshots it looks good. Temps on average hitting around the 80c mark which is where I would want them.

It would be worth trying Prime95 small fft's and running it for an hour to see if the temps get up past 80c. If they do get above 80c then you are right on the limit IMO. I'd also use HWMon to monitor the system/temps/voltage etc.
Mar 7, 2019
Thanks for the fast replies!

Tested it for about an hour.
Idle its at a stable 35 degrees.

Thanks for the recommendation!
I'll download it and give it a shot.
What would be the recommended settings for Prime95 in combination with my cpu?
Small fft's for Prime. This will test only the CPU/cache which is what you want to test CPU stability. If you temps go way above 80c cancel Prime. If a core fails, cancel it. It means your OC settings are too high, and temps is causing CPU to fail the test. Don't worry if it fails. You then just reduce the OC at a one notch at a time (CPU multiplier) or increase voltage untill it's stable. But upping the voltage will cause more heat/higher temps. If it doesn't fail and temps stay below 80-ish. You have a decent OC.
Mar 7, 2019
When starting Prime95 in Small FFT's the temperature immediately goes to 86 degrees... doesn't go above that, but thats too high right?

Should i now just try to reduce the voltage and check if its stable ? If so, how much of a temperature difference would it take if i could take it down to 1.8v for example?

Btw. i never actually changed the thermal paste on my cpu.. (Because i never actually saw a store selling IPA to wipe off the old paste)
How much of a difference could i expect if i reapply thermal paste?
Mar 7, 2019
I checked again using prime95 26.6

After reapplying thermal paste i am reaching idle temps of 35-38 degrees and with small fft im getting between 65 and 68 degrees. ( Spiked once for about two seconds to 75 but went down again and never back up - happened immediately after starting prime95)

Ran prime95 for 2+ hours without it crashing or failing.

So i guess im fine now right?

Thanks for the help again!
Ye, I think you have a good OC result. If you want to be sure, leave the PC run Prime overnight. But 2 hours is sufficient for start testing. If you find you have some random crashes, test again for longer to ensure stability. Or take it back to 4.1

Anyway, good luck and happy gaming :)



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