[SOLVED] i5 6500 Bottleneck?

Oct 11, 2022
i have an gtx 750ti / i5 6500, if i get an gtx 1650 my cpu is gonna bottleneck my gpu? just wanna play games like World War Z, WRC , Arkham Knight, Dead Island u know games like that
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You're going to be fine. In fact, you're going to be fine getting a GTX1660Super as well.
Pretty funny how the i5-6500 is a little slower than the i7-2600. I remember those CPUs going with GTX 560s and HD 6850 / 6870s back in the day which are over x4 slower than the 1660 Super. It's true though that the 2600 was much faster than the high-end GPUs of its day, so I think too that you're correct in saying the 6500 could handle a 1660 Super.

You can still be in the middle game with CPUs harboring synonymous performance to those released almost 12 years ago today. Imagine running any demanding game in 2011/2012 with year 2000 hardware... Just shows you how much performance increase has slowed up in the last decade in comparison to times afore.