I7 CPU temperature 96C


Jun 1, 2012

It all started will the odd bsod which normally followed after video freezing and bad sound from the speakers. attempt to restart the display driver and recover (atikmpag.sys). So Updated all drivers including bios, graphics and chipset. Then different bsod crashes this time, page fault in non paged system. After some research tested the ram found one bad stick ( not surprising with this brand) over 100 errors in memtest86+. The system did a couple of restarts on boot when changing ram in and out but now is very stable and loads with no restarts.

Next I run furmark with no problems after 32 minutes, windows error checking all good. I don't use the system for games so the CPU never gets a work out but I wanted to test the stability since its still under warranty so I ran aida64 2.2 stress test for 30 minutes. The mother board temp was great at 26C and hdd also good at 34C but the CPU temp is what I'm worried about, it took about 8 minutes to get the CPU and core temps to about 96C. My idle temp is about 37C (ambient room approx. 20C). I also went into the bios to have a look around and notice the temp was 75C (check out the link) didn't think too much of it at the time by in my search for answers I came across somebody else's msi bios and there temp was 39C, mines almost double that and even if this person has better cooling for games that's still too high I would think. would you worry about this or just leave it since the system seems stable now.

Could it be a dodgy fan, heat sink, thermal paste, CPU, faulty sensor or bad install of the them. I bought this as a system and granted it wasn't sold as a gaming system it's still a crap/cheap build I think.

Is my next move to buy a better fan or case. Any bios settings suggested welcomed.

Plus 3dmark 11 score is p1417 is that because of a crap graphics card and or high temps

Advice much appreciated

If the heatsink is seated properly, then you may have a faulty sensor. I sometimes use coretemp, a small file, but it's not accurate with all motherboards. The stock Intel heatsink can get pretty warm. Some folks use the cooler master hyper 212, which newegg sells for around $20 after rebate. Read the newegg reviews carefully for any heatsink; some require you to remove the motherboard to install. If you don't want to remove the board, then find one that doesn't require it.


May 2, 2008

My first 3770K was hitting 95-105c when stress testing in a 25C room, using IBT v2.53. I thought that wasn't right so I shipped it back and today I just got the new one.

This is what I get on my replacement 3770K: It's much better now. So hopefully yours doesn't need replacement.

Using IBT 2.53 (Intel Burn Test) and RealTemp 3.70
Previous 3770K: Stock speeds, stock cooler, room 25c, case open
Standard: 95c to 102c within a minute or so. Stopped at about 3 mins.
Maximum: 105c within 2 mins (after 16 GB is fully loaded) and then the cpu starts to throttle. Stopped when I saw throttling.

New 3770K: Stock speeds, stock cooler, room 26c, case open
Standard: 87c to 92c, but took about 5 mins to get there. Ran for 15 mins. Mostly stayed below 90c
Maximum: 91c to 97c, but also took about 5 mins to get there. Ran for 10 mins. Mostly stayed in the 87-91 range.

So I have no idea what was the deal with my previous 3770K and stock cooler. Maybe it was a defect in the copper mating surface of the previous cooler. But these temps make me happy as I know that IBT causes a lot of heat and I won't see this normally.

I did a 5 min test using the latest 64bit Blender 3D with the standard current benchmark blend file. And it utilized all 8 thread. Total utilization was 75-80%, temps ran an average of 75c. Max peaks which didn't happen often, was 80c.

So now that I am happy about my chip. My Noctua NH-D14 is on it's way. Should be here Tuesday. After that I will do my same test at stock speeds. While I normally use (and have) Arctic Silver 5, many people are showing tests that put the Noctua compound within 1 c of the AS5. So I will likely just use the Noctua paste that it comes with.

And now to buy the rest of my case fans and hopefully I have time next week to set my slight overclock and move on with my life. And I will likely buy the extra Intel warranty, though I likely won't need it as I plan on staying around 4.2 to 4.4 Ghz. Maybe 4.5 Ghz if the temps are decent.