I7 Temperature


Dec 13, 2009

I have an i7-950 CPU and 12 GB DDR3 RAM and I am using it with all eight threads. Extra to the i7 fan there are three fans on the case and a small fan on the motherboard.

When I use Fedora 12 64 bit, the CPU temperature is nearly 67 degrees C and 9 GB of RAM is used.

I was wondering if it is possible to use this arrangement for a whole week non-stop (CFD), without over-clocking and also not damaging anything!

Yours sincerely,
Mani Mehdinia


actually the thermal limit of these cpu's it like 100c. everyone recommends 70c or below just because they feel thats the safe temp. if you dont believe me ask random about it. he got me off this way of thinking.

The temp you see on intel web site is for the case of the cpu and not the cores them self.

i think it will be fine. if the cpu ever does get near overheating it will activate an over heat safety feature that will down clock the cpu until temps are in reasonable range.

lol, 68'C is for the case and not the core, and most programs don't monitor it. Go by the core temps.

The i7 920 with the stock cooler goes into the 80s'C when running prime 95. As warmon said, an i7 doesn't throttle until it reaches 100'C.

It's fine as long as you keep an i7 under 80'C for 24/7 use. Low-mid 80s'C is fine for running Prime95/benchmarks. High 80s'C
is ok for "temporary" benchmarking with an overclocked system. 90s'C is bad and the chip will experience rapid degradation.