[INFORM] menu question



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Currently, when an Option is selected, the description property of that
Option is written to the screen, along with the reminder [Press space bar].
When the player presses the space bar, it takes him to the previous menu.

How can I escape the menu completely from code, rather than have the option
description displayed?

Here's an illustrative sample, using nested menus.

Menu Choices
> Desserts

Select a Dessert
> Chocolate Cake
Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream

View Description of Chocolate Cake
> Order Chocolate cake.

When the chocolate cake is ordered, I reason that the player shouldn't
afterward have to quit out through three levels of menus. When I'm in a
restaurant, and I decide on something, I don't go over my options at each
previous stage again. I order what I want then close the menu. I'd rather
have the cake be ordered and have an immediate return to the model world.

Ideally, I'd like the ability to redirect to any given menu that the current
menu is a child of. This will probably work out to closing the currently
open menus until the target menu is returned to, but I'll take that, too.