Informaton Request



I've gota system with:

CPU: AMD Atholon XP, 2000 MHz (15X33) 2400+

MOBO: Asus A7N8X Deluxe

MOBO ChipSet: nVIDIA nForce2 SPP

RAM: 1024MB (PC2100 DDR SDRAM)Corsair

Video: Vision Tek Radeon HD2400 PRO AGP

Audio: Creative SB Live

O/S: Windows XP

Power: 450 Watts

Can I take this sytem any further ?

Are there any small steps I can take now to be able to play the new games?

Will my motherboard accept another CPU ?

What is best Video Card my system will accept ?

Can I add additional RAM, if so, what kind ?

Thank you in advace for your review, suggestions and or advice.




May 29, 2009
Your Mobo uses AGP graphics cards, so the best you can get is an ATI 3870.
Max RAM is 3gb PC3200.
You are NOT going to get much better of a processor into that board. The fastest is an Athlon XP 3200+ I think, which is only 2.2 GHz (only 200 MHz faster than what you have) which will be VERY expensive.
All of these upgrades are going to be VERY expensive and will really not help your performance that much, and you may have to replace the PSU to run it. Definitely not worth upgrading that system IMO. Time for a new build which you can probably get cheaper than fully upgrading that one.


May 12, 2009
Bro, don't waste time on that "prahistorical" build:)

Thats way old build and you wont be able to play any newer game, especially the chipset which is........crap, won't accept any newer cpu, it has agp slot(ain't that bad you have an hd3850 agp and hd4650 agp as an options to buy but thats wayyy old chipset, ram and cpu), i can see you have old ddr1 ram, man what a build

Do you have an budget? Post your budget first;):)

edit- +1 to flyinfinni's post (while i was typing mine, you submited yours...:))

Henry Chinaski

Mar 16, 2010
1. Don't waste your money.
2. The newest ones, imposible. The other ones (2006+) badly.
3. Another Atlhon XP (a 3200+ second hand one).
4. An AGPx8 card. Maybe you can get an ATI 46xx.
5. You can add another gigabyte of DDR PC2100 (I think you already have two rows full, that is, 2x512Mb).(3 GBs DDR400 max)