Install with win7 home premium disk and use win7 upgrade key?


Jun 21, 2013
Here's the situation. I've acquired a computer that has a Win7 home premium 64bit license linked to the motherboard. I would like to do a fresh install of that OS to a new SSD.

But, the previous owner arrived at his license through an upgrade. He did an initial 32 bit Vista installation using a disk he had, then immediately used the Anytime Upgrade option to move to Win7 Home Premium 64. I don't believe that he bothered activating the Vista installation, and he bought the Win7 upgrade license as a part of a 3 license family pack.

He was kind enough to burn me copies both of the Vista and Win7 Upgrade disks that he used, and give me the Win7 upgrade product key. However, I have Windows 7 Home Premium disks already - one I downloaded from Digital River and burned myself, and one I got from my local computer store.

I would like to avoid the hassle of installing Vista (ick..) and then upgrading it. I'd like to just use my existing Win7 Home Premium disk to do the install. Will the Upgrade key work directly with the Win7 disk?

Thanks for your time.

CN Shana

Jun 10, 2015
wait i think i kind of got lost in all of that, have you actually tried doing the update?, open up the computer, put in the new drive, and attempt an install with the key and then come back and update, so far it just looks like your asking if it will work, try it first lol...

regardless of any of that, windows is one program that has to be re installed many times in a computers life, whether it's data or software corruption, viruses, malware issues, or whatever.

if it ends up that you just plain have problems with it, buy an actual oem copy of windows 7 for your personal use. it's much better than going through the hassle of random burn disks, keys, installation issues, dealing with a previous owner, etc.

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