[SOLVED] Intel Celeron N3350 for youtube 60fps


Sep 20, 2014
I'm aware this CPU is bottom of the barrel, however I need some form of laptop for college and I really don't wanna spend a lot as I own two gaming PCs and a phone. Laptop with 4gb ram,64gb emmc storage and this CPU will cost me 150 euro so seems fair. I just wanna know if this is gonna stutter playing youtube on 108060fps or on Netflix? the screen is only 768p but running at 1080p gives a better bitrate and looks smoother even if the screen can't output it. If it's going to stutter on 108060fps is it going to be fully capable of 72060fps
Otherwise I don't care for it's speed as its gonna be used for MS office/web browsing. However it would be nice to replace my phone as my method of watching Netflix and videos in bed/at my couch.

Edit: My Internet is perfect so only considering factor is the processor/igpu speed


I want to say we were testing a device at work as a thin client to test VDI and this was the processor it used.

"A dual core Celeron"

If you went to youtube and did a right click > Stats for Nerds you could see it had a 45 second buffer of video, but was dropping frames like crazy due to 100% cpu usage.

It was dropping maybe 20% of the frames at 1080p, so you may be able to get away with 720p with no frame loss..