Intel Socket 775 CPU install and HSF (Heatsink / Fan)

Here hopefully is something useful in terms of questions about fitting Socket 775 coolers ...


Intel Video

Fitting a stock 775 Intel HSF ... courtesy of ajd344 from pcmech ... good little how to do there (hope he doesn't mind).

And this one from the guys at pcstats (very good too).

Plus a bit of video from ASROCK:

Removing (also a neat video):

Don't forget to clean the top of the CPU and HSF, and reapply NEW thermal paste if your taking the HSF off to replace or reseat the CPU.

Don't forget to clean the dust from the HSF.

Don't forget to plug the power lead back into the mobo (or molex connector if you have a fan regulator system) on the HSF before firing up the system.

Hopefully some of the others can do a similar thread for the other sockets.