Internet shows its connected but browsers and email do not work



my neighbor is having a problem with her computer, its an HP touch smart [not sure of model] every other computer in her household works [1x wired 1x wireless].

the computer in question has had repeated problems and various hardware issues and has been sent out for repair on more than one occasion all for non software related issues, i take care of software issues and diagnose hardware problems and i have done so without a hitch until now.

when the problem first started happening i would do a system restore to a point were it was working, but that does not seem to be working anymore

i have tried disabling firewalls [she uses AVG internet security edition which is on all of her computers], windows firewall, disabling and re-enabling network drivers, updating drivers, installing different and previous versions of browsers

im good at many things but internet issues are not my specialty

thanks in advance for the help


Mar 21, 2012

That's a slightly unsettling statement. If you're connecting wirelessly, I would first suspect a wireless card and would probably try a cheap dongle to test. If it's wired, do simpler functions such as ping work? can you ping the loopback or google,


okay. yeah it wasnt HPs best work, its all cheap hardware so they can make a buck, I wouldnt buy from a name brand, for desktops I build them myself, for laptops I really search around for the best product or buy a rebranded clevo.

I believe it has wireless and Ethernet, but when plugged in through Ethernet it still tries to connect through wireless


Jul 9, 2012
From time to time I have a similar problem. I have an ADSL modem through which I connect to the internet. Sometimes, maybe a few times a year, I have the same problem - browsers and email show they can't connect (in IE the standard error screen), but the connection shows as connected in the program manager. Also, I notice the skype logo in my system tray, if I am running it, doesn't show that it's
trying to connect, skype seems to be working and connected.

My solution to this problem (...before I had other problems) was to reset the PC, although probably only the modem needed resetting. Variously, unplugging the ADSL line and the USB connection from the modem seemed also to solve it. I don't use the eject device tool in System tray, because then I have to reset the computer to get it it connected again, and at this time I do not want to do that.

Another fault I have found was in cabling - there is one place where the wire can get a bit stretched.



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