Question Internet speed droppping randomly regardless of network or connection method

Sep 30, 2022
As a prelude to this issue, I'm only having this issue on one PC. I have 2 other PCs and various other devices on the same network that have no issues. My current downstream speed is 1gb.

This PC in question only recieves around 20Mb on both wireless and ethernet. Any time it's downloading, streaming, or gaming, the speed will drop to 0 over and over again. I've tried it on other networks outside of my own and the problem is still there. I've updated every driver in the device manager, installed a new wireless card, tried multiple ethernet cables (some of which I made out of cat6 to ensure there wasn't any cable problems), and updated everything I could possibly update all to no avail.

The only thing that seems to be left is an internal issue with the mother board. I've exhausted my computer knowledge and I pray someone here is the golden ticket to retrieving my sanity again.
If you really think it is the motherboard you could try a linux USB boot image.

The other thing to check for a so called gamer qos program loaded with the bloatware on some motherboards and video cards. Many times it is called cfosspeed but any thing that talks about favoring one kind of traffic over the other you want to uninstall.


Also take a look in Task Manager and Resource Monitor for what changes when speed drops.

Are you sure, for example, that only one network adapter, either wired or or wireless is enabled at any given time?

Run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt.

Post the results. You should be able to use Copy and Paste with no need to retype the results.