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  1. S

    Question Disk activity while decompressing

    For the past few months, I've been encountering unusual problems when downloading games on Steam. Despite having a 1 gigabit per second (gbps) network connection, Steam's download speed consistently remains at 50-60 megabytes per second (MB/s). This discrepancy doesn't seem to be related to my...
  2. Lukespino1

    Question Download speed capped at 160 mbps

    Hello all! I usually get about 900 mbps speed on this computer, but am getting about 160 mbps now. Things I have tried include: Checking multiple computers on same ethernet port, checking this computer on multiple ethernet ports, flushing and renewing DNS, and disabling window auto-tuning level...
  3. sour_cracker63

    Question I'm not getting my full internet speed on ethernet.

    I can't seem to be getting my full internet speed with an ethernet cable. I tied plugging the ethernet cable into a laptop right beside my desktop and the laptop was getting 1Gbps download and 30Mbps upload on the speed test. But when I try doing the same speed test from the same...
  4. shadowcat777

    Question network drops to 100 mbps at bootup (not everytime...)

    I have a internet speed of 500/250 with router and is using windows 11 on my system. My problem is that sometimes when I boot up my PC the internet speed is capped at 100 mbps. To fix this I have to replug my ethernet cable, and it works properly at 1gbps. This never happened when I was using...
  5. PaPies

    Question Why Is My Internet Slow? (I've only accidently fixed it)

    Describing Screenshot: I've paused and unpaused 3 times, it jumps straight to 21-22Mbps instantly no built up and it stays there. (Steam) I have a 1gbps fiber going in, but it's limited to 100Mpbs(that's what I'm paying for) seems to be fine, Here is an example: Download and...
  6. D

    Question Is my computer limiting my download speeds?

    I pay for a 500mbps internet plan and I test about as much on My download speeds on Steam are about 20mb/s, on the Xbox app 5mb/s on Epic Games it's about 10mb/s. My friend with a gigabit connection and a considerably stronger PC (RTX 3060, I'm not sure about the CPU but it...
  7. M

    Question Internet speed droppping randomly regardless of network or connection method

    As a prelude to this issue, I'm only having this issue on one PC. I have 2 other PCs and various other devices on the same network that have no issues. My current downstream speed is 1gb. This PC in question only recieves around 20Mb on both wireless and ethernet. Any time it's downloading...
  8. EthernetIssues

    Question Video streaming via Ethernet is really slow

    I been having trouble getting a stable video streaming at HD quality. I have gigabit connection FiOS down and up. When I check my internet speed it shows just that but for some reason i can't seem to load videos. I thought it was bandwidth or faulty ethernet cord so i tried to connect this...
  9. A

    Question TP Link Gigabit Powerline transfer rate is high, but actual internet speed test is slow

    Hi there, As stated above, I have a TPlink powerline adapter connecting a PC about 15ft away from a router in another room. The transfer rate on the TPlink app reports as anything between 500mbit and 750mbit, but a speed test on the PC reports between 100mbit and 130mbit down. My connection...
  10. C

    Question Ookla's Microsoft store speedtest app is very slow compared to the website version?

    Hello everyone, sorry for misspellings and noobieness. I just joined and it is 1:31am. I took a speed test on and it shows a download speed of 168.81mbps download speed and an upload speed of 2.19mbps. When I speedtest with the Ookla speedtest from the microsoft store, it shows a...
  11. Y

    [SOLVED] My router is capping my internet speed

    Hi, I have 100Mbps internet and I just noticed that I only get 30Mbps when I connect my PC to my router. I get my whole 100Mbps when I connect from modem to my PC. I tried to restore factory setting but still no luck. My router is D-Link DIR-619L.
  12. I

    Question Only one PC has internet problems l

    I recently got a new PC and I have a very strange issue. On my PC I barely have a connection when connected to my wifi. I should be getting 50+ mbps upload and download, but I have been lucky if I got 5. The weird part is that when I turn on my hotspot on my phone it works perfectly fine and...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Getting more mbps than what I believe was included in SuddenLink plan.

    So I was running some internet tests after our internet went out for a hot minute, and it just struck me that I'm getting faster mbps speeds than what I though was included in my plan with SuddenLink. To give details, it's a 200 mbps plan and after 4 tests it averaged at about 210, and I have...
  14. iamjudebot

    Question YouTube buffers quickly at the start and then just stops

    I've been having a really weird problem when I watch YouTube on my pc. Basically, whenever I play a video it buffers quickly like the grey bar jumps really far out and creates a sizeable gap over where I'm currently at on the video but then it just stops moving. When the red bar catches up to...
  15. B

    [SOLVED] Internet Speeds are low

    I just upgraded my setup from a Ryzen 5 2600x to an i7-10700k and with that a new motherboard. I Had the b450 and now have the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Wifi. The only thing that has changed is the motherboard however my internet speeds went from 800+ to 50-70. While that is still not slow I cannot...
  16. R

    [SOLVED] PC Download speed is slow Wired or Wirelss

    When I do a speed test on my PC whether it be wired or wireless I get about 30Mb/s, while on my phone I get 300+. Upload speed is the same for both ~15Mb/s. Any idea what could be the cause?
  17. J4CoB1

    [SOLVED] Sudden slow download on steam,uplay,origin etc.

    Hi guys, Ive got internet capable of 410-420mbps download and ive been always downloading games on steam and uplay at 40/50MBs but suddenly i was capped to 2MBs on steam and about 4MB on uplay. Ive done a speed test several times and it shows 410mbps everytime i do it. Any suggestions to this...
  18. bluecheese1337

    [SOLVED] Slow Wifi on one device, but fast on the rest

    Hey Guys, I'm having some real trouble with the new wifi that we installed in our student house. We're using NowTV broadband alongside the NowTV Hub 2 Router, with marketed speeds of 66mb. When I first moved in a week ago, the wifi speed appeared to be working perfectly on all of my devices...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] New wifi extender worked for about a day. Ethernet delivers same slow speeds.

    Hi, i'm brand new to the forums, and my knowledge on computers is somewhat limited, but have been digging around for solutions for my problem on here for a while now. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work. About 3 weeks ago, I did a few internet tests on a few of the pcs in my house. All of...
  20. chuster

    [SOLVED] Slower internet on desktop compared to laptop and phone.

    Hello, first time poster here. I have recently assembled a desktop PC, but it is experiencing issues with the wireless internet. I am using a dual band network card to connect to the 5ghz frequency of my modem. Both my laptop and mobile phone connect to the modem perfectly, and receive speeds...
  21. S

    Question Suddenly my internet stuck at 1mbps !

    I have a computer which usually downloads anything as 4-8 mbps speed. But since yesterday there seems to be a cap where the downloads are capped at 1mbps. When i took speed test it was fine but during download it gets stuck at 1mbps. I tried to download the same torrent file which i did last...
  22. S

    Question Internet speed

    I have a computer which usually downloads anything as 4-8 mbps speed. But since yesterday there seems to be a cap where the downloads are capped at 1mbps. When i took speed test it was fine but during download it gets stuck at 1mbps. I tried to download the same torrent file which i did last...
  23. B

    [SOLVED] What component in my laptop besides network card could affect internet speed?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone might know if something other than the network card in a laptop could affect the internet download speed? I am having an odd issue that i have never seen before with a new laptop i just got. When i use various internet speed test online from the laptop i am getting...
  24. ciarabelieber4

    [SOLVED] PC is so slow, especially when I do things on it that requires internet connection!!

    Okay, so I have this computer with fresh Windows 7 installation. It is really bad computer. It takes hours to load page on Chrome browser, sometimes page won’t even load or my pc just freezes. It is not because of internet. Internet speed on my phone, laptops works fine, but on this computer...
  25. Ceololll

    Question PC download speed has slowed from 4MB/s to 100 - 500KB/s over the past few days

    Ookla Speed Test tells me I've got a download speed of 0.11Mb/s. Whereas, on my phone, the same site says I've got 25Mb/s. Windows is up to date. I performed a clean boot and Ookla then said I have a download speed of 1Mb/s which still isn't 25. I'm using a Realtek rtl8811au Network adapter...
  26. S

    Question Download Speed on new PC is godawful, on other devices it's fine.

    Hi guys. I recently built a new PC. Started building last night, and finished this afternoon. I installed Windows 10, updated Windows, and installed my graphics drivers and CPU drivers fine. Afterwards, I started downloading the usual Google Chrome and Discord, and it worked fine. Then I...
  27. N

    [SOLVED] Unable to obtain full speed over wireless

    Hi, I have a 1.5Gbps internet connection through my ISP Bell. I currently have the Bell Home Hub 3000 which is a tri-band AC router/modem. The internal speedtest shows the full 1.5Gbps entering the router. When I plug in an ethernet to the router, I receive speeds near 1 Gigabit (which makes...
  28. Dashworth

    Question Internet speed HALVED on computer, how to fix?

    My computer works fine, but there is a really weird thing happening. I pay for a 250Mbit network connection, which I only get when downloading games. Like programs such as Steam work perfectly with my internet. I get a steady 30MBs download speed.. Oddly enough, my normal internet browsing...
  29. codegusta

    Question Is my router limiting connection speed?

    So I upgraded from 120mbs to 250mbs, my main router is connected to a secondary router upstairs, that then connects to my PC, the secondary router is a DIR-815 That supports up to 1200mbs. When I connect the Ethernet cable directly to my PC I reach the desired 250mbs, but when I connect it...
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Why I get more download speed from google servers?

    Hello guys!! i've been wondering, why do i get more download and upload speed from google servers(youtube, gdrive, etc), and select few like ORIGIN(game client) and Epic launcher, than my bandwidth limit. after i use up my data limit my internet speed slows down to 1Mbit/s but when i use any of...
  31. sppatel21

    [SOLVED] ISP router better than my personal router?

    I have my modem, router, and TV all in one box provided from my ISP, which should provide me with 400mbps. My house is big and the signal isn't that good in some areas so I have the Deco m5 mesh router: It is capable of...
  32. Mörtti

    Question Why my ethernet speed is only 100 when i have 1gb internet

    I have cat 6 ethernet cable so that must not be the case. Every time i do internet speed test it starts from 1000mpbs but then quickly drops to 100mpbs i think it is not normal. link to my internet speed test results View:
  33. T

    [SOLVED] Download speed capped at 1 mbps

    Below you can see my internet speed. However, when I try to download anything from any site or platform, it always caps out at around 1 mbps, sometimes a bit lower, sometimes a bit higher. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  34. J

    [SOLVED] Massive difference between Xbox and Speedtest results and my actual download speeds

    Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with download speeds on my new PC. I use a powerline adapter and switch it from my PC to my Xbox depending on what I'm using at the time. But, when I download a game on my Xbox I get speeds of 20mbs+ and usually into the 30s and 40s. However, when I use the...
  35. L

    [SOLVED] Tips for better internet

    I've been having issues with my internet for quite some time now and I really cannot come up with a good solution so I wondered if anyone else has been in similar situations. I live with my family in an apartment that is quite big, the modem is installed in the very end of the other side of the...
  36. A

    Question While SOA is running my internet speed drops to <1Mbps from ~90Mbps

    If I start SOA (Seraphims Of Astraeus) my internet speed drops to <1Mbps from ~50Mbps. This is quite an issue as it makes the multiplayer of the game unplayable, this is a guess btw, as I've never been able to start the game without this issue.
  37. D

    Question is my internet speed fast enough?

    DOWNLOAD Mbps is this speed good?? i checked on can those sites lie to me?? i dont feel this speed browser looks to load pages same speed as on wifi 56.41 UPLOAD Mbps 56.21
  38. I

    Question High ping in online games on a good internet connection.

    Recently, I have been having incredibly high ping in online games (>1000) even though my internet connection is very good, as I can easily stream high quality video (1440p 60fps) and using google's internet speed test, it reports >50Mbps on average. I've reset my router and computer multiple...
  39. prosomvanshi

    Question Wifi Fluctuations only on android issue for a really long time

    I have a laptop and 3 android devices at my house. Xiomi Poco F1 Huawei Honor 6x Motorola Moto something Its been like a year or so I have the problem of my wifi connections fluctuating a lot of time during the day I cannot load messages or send them for like a min or so. it has been very...
  40. N

    Question In need of new router and modem / Internet speed advice

    I'm trying to establish internet in my new house with 5 other roommates (6 people total). We have 6 phones and 6 laptops, 1 gaming pc(might try to hardwire), 2 hd streaming TV's, 2 XBOX's. The house is a 2 story, 6 bedroom house; 2 on the ground, 4 upstairs plus 2 bath. Don't know the square...