Internet Speed Help


Dec 2, 2009
For about a week now my internet has been very unrealiable and slow. The original speed was:

DownStream Connection Speed 15000 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 1000 kbp

and it now is:

DownStream Connection Speed 6633 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 429 kbp

I was wondering what could make this happen? As soon as I moved my router from on the floor, onto the wardrobe because the room was being redone I noticed a change instantly. I also removed the filter or something which I assume is a filter from it as I thought it served no purpose. My connection is wired and I was just wondering what could make this change. I guess it isn't the location movement because it is wired, not wireless. The only thing I can think of is that the filter magically made it go faster, but whenever I put it on (not sure if I'm putting it on right or not), I get the internet connection with the yellow warning sign on it on my taskbar.

Any replies are appreciated, thanks.

That filter is quitening the line noise which affects the DSL signal even if you can't hear it when you make a call. It's important and without it, you might not be able to use the telephone and be online a the same time. The only thing I can think of that happened when you moved the router is that some piece of loose wiring became better so maybe you had a loose plug somewhere or perhaps a kink in the telephone line - perhaps it had been stuck under a piece of furniture and is now straightened out.[/#000ff]


Jan 25, 2012
If you unplugged your modem while moving it, it may have just been a bad connection to your ISP.
Otherwise it may be a "bad" cable or port on your router as Saga Lout suggested.

The filter itself cannot make a difference in your internet speed. It can only "clean" your phone line from noise coming in if it's too noisy. Filters have an RJ11 male jack on one side and a female RJ11 socket on the other and are used on wall sockets where a phone is connected.

A splitter has a male RJ11 in one side and two female RJ11 sockets on the other, one for your phone and one for DSL. Some splitters also have a filtering ability, and are used where you have a phone and DSL modem together. Best practice would be to connect a modem on a separate wall socket than from a telephone.
Filters do have an "expiry date" and may stop working at some point.
A filter or splitter is not mandatory for your internet connection to work.