Question iPhone 8 plus not connecting to win 10 hotspot


Dec 6, 2018
As the title suggests, my iPhone 8 plus is constantly in loading(the spinner thing) when I was trying to connect it to my laptop's hotspot.

I have tried the troubleshooting step of changing the iPhone's name to other than 'iPhone', and for the Wi-Fi adapter on laptop, I changed the bandwidth of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz to 20MHz only, both method are found on internet.

I didn't touch any of the other network adapter settings on the laptop.

The hotspot used to work on Bluetooth mode and ethernet mode(with USB cable), while the Wi-Fi mode have never been working since the purchase of the laptop

iPhone: 8 Plus 256GB, iOS 15.6.
OS: Windows 10 21H2.
Ethernet adapter: Killer E2600 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, driver version
Wi-Fi adapter: Killer(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i 160MHz Wireless Network Adapter (201NGW), driver version
You need to look up what microsoft calls ICS. It can be messy to get this setup sometimes. It is not a recommended long term thing since you have to be careful about what you run on the laptop to not impact the traffic. You are in effect converting a expensive laptop into a very cheap router. Most times you are better off just buying a cheap router to accomplish this.
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