Question Is it possible to bend or damage pins by inserting memory module in DDR3 DIMM connector?

Is it possible to user damage and bend pins of an undamaged DDR3 memory DIMM connector socket?

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May 22, 2020

I inserted a memory module into a DDR3 240 pins DIMM connector-socket of a new EVGA motherboard. First insertion of a memory module in that motherboard memory socket..

Being that DIMM sockets connectors have to have both latches down, are keyed for inserting the memory module only one way and that the memory module has to go into the channels on each sides of the socket to be able to insert it. The pins in a DIMM connector - socket are tensioned with a bend to contact the memory module contact pads on the sides. The pins have no jagged edges or ways of hooking. You could put a screwdriver in the socket - connector the pins will bend back and come back to their initial position. There is to my knowledge no way that a user could bend pins by inserting the proper memory module and even the wrong one just won't fit and get close to the pins. In development and engineering the term used is electrician proof.

Is it possible to user damage and bend pins of a physically undamaged 240 pin DDR3 memory DIMM connector socket?
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Yes, because you cannot rule out the person that uses a hammer to install the module.

In theory edge card connectors like this (like that are found on expansion cards connectors too like pcie, pci, isa, eisa, mca, vlb) cannot easily be damaged. But make no mistake, people will do things engineers cannot account for and damage is most certainly possible by someone with should I put it...ingenuity? do it.