Question Is my FIT voltage right? It averages at 1.35v!

Based on the HWInfo readout for CPU Vcore (SVI2 TFN) I'd say your FIT voltage is closer to 1.237V. That's the MINIMUM reading which is the point to which the algorithm has lowered voltage in order to protect the CPU, which is what FIT is all about.

Keep in mind the whole process of determining FIT is pretty much 'made up', with no standard method. AMD's completely silent on this in so far as I know. I use something closer to how Buildzoid has done it where he uses Prime95 and a single custom FFT size.

Also: be absolutely certain you've reset the averaging base (click on the clock) after a minute or so of running the stress test, then run it for a 5 min. or so averaging period before taking values. That's to ensure all values reported (min and max) are obtained during a stablized part of the stress test with no non-stress test values to skew results for the averaging calc. Even so, I prefer using the MINIMUM voltage to be conservative and 'safe'.
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