Is the HDD gonna be a usable partition after a migration process ?

Dec 3, 2018
Hi everyone I just bought a PC with 1TB HDD in it and an SSD 500GB separately. I want to transfer the OS to the SSD through migration. Is the HDD gonna be recognised as a D: partition after the migration ? Or it needs format ?

I want to use HDD as an extra storage to my PC.



After the clone process, and after you have absolutely verified that the system works with the SSD by itself....then you delete all the partitions form the HDD.
The software doesn't do that automatically. For good reasons.

Specific steps for a successful clone operation:
Verify the actual used space on the current drive is significantly below the size of the new SSD
Download and install Macrium Reflect (or Samsung Data Migration, if a Samsung SSD)
Power off
Disconnect ALL drives except the current C and the new SSD
Power up
Run the Macrium Reflect (or Samsung Data Migration)
Select ALL the partitions on the existing C drive
Click the 'Clone' button
Wait until it is done
When it finishes, power off
Disconnect ALL drives except for the new SSD
This is to allow the system to try to boot from ONLY the SSD
Swap the SATA cables around so that the new drive is connected to the same SATA port as the old drive
Power up, and verify the BIOS boot order
If good, continue the power up

It should boot from the new drive, just like the old drive.
Maybe reboot a time or two, just to make sure.

If it works, and it should, all is good.

Later, reconnect the old drive and wipe as necessary.
Delete the 450MB Recovery Partition, here:

Ask questions if anything is unclear.

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