Question Is the motherboard screwed?


Aug 14, 2015
Hello everyone!
So my friend put together a computer however it was never booting up and had me take a look at it. When the PSU (Corsair RM850x) had power, the motherboard (ROG Maximus X Code) was lighting up by itself (which I thought was odd) with all of its lights as if it is on. However the moment I clicked the power button, motherboard made a clicking sound and didn't come on. Turns out my friend plugged in a wrong cable (picture attached below)

to the CPU port on MOBO instead of 4+4. After plugging in the right cable, the system booted up as expect (with all the fans) however the display never came on. I took out the MOBO from the case and put it on a cardboard. Just plugged the MOBO cable and CPU cable to the motherboard as well as HDMI however the result was same. Is it possible that 6+2 possibly damaged his MOBO or CPU and that is why the display is not coming on? By the way, MOBO has an error code of 00 on it, not sure if it helps.
I expect the MOBO to be damaged as expected but hopefully not the CPU.
Well, that header is there specifically to provide additional power to the CPU. There are some regulation circuits on the motherboard that might have saved the CPU, but that is really dependent on the motherboard. Odds are pretty good that the CPU got a lot of power flowing the way it wasn't supposed to through it, and CPUs aren't know for being terribly resilient to power fluctuations. Ultimately the only way to be sure is to get a new board and try the CPU in it... just try not to get your hopes up.