Oct 1, 2004
First time builder here. I cannot get my new computer to work. I push the power button and everthing seems to work (case fans, cpu fan, ect) except the monitor doesn't show anything on the screen. The monitor worked on my last computer (just transfered the computers and didn't even touch the monitor), so I dont think that is the problem. When I turn the computer on the green light on the monitor comes on, then after about 5 seconds it turns orange. I have changed the video card to see if that was the problem, but the same thing happened. Could this be a bad processor?

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Edition
AMD64 3000+ 90nm 939
1GB Ballistix Tracers (2x512mb
All-In-Wonder 9800 pro
SB Audigy ZS

Thanks in advance...


Jun 14, 2004
I would say make sure everything is connected properly.

Check the video card is all the way in it's slot, the hard disk wires are connected properly and etc.

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Dec 15, 2004
-What does your manual say about the orange LED? Have you connected the PC speaker and does it gave an error code?
-What kind of powersupply are you using?
-Look at the BIOS jumper. It might be in the Clear Bios configuration (unlikely). Anyway, try to clear the bios.
-Try booting up with one of the 512 MB modules, try them both.
-Have you plugged in all additional power connectors to mainboard and videocard?


Oct 1, 2004
I am using the 500w PSU that came with my <A HREF="" target="_new"> ASPIRE X-Navigator Case </A>.

My monitor is a 17" Toshiba (dont know the model) and it has built in speakers that use a USB cable. No error code that I know of from the speakers. The orange LED means that there is no signal being recieved from the computer.

I guess my power connections could be messed up or my HD connections could be messed up (SATA). But everything seems to be running. Cant tell about HD though. Oh, and I cannot open the trays of either my DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. The green light on the CD-ROM is on, but the DVD-ROM light is off. So, I guess my power connections are screwed up right?? Wow, I have a lot to learn...

I will re-work the power connections and make sure everything has power and is connected properly.

I will also try to use 1 stick of RAM istead of 2. If nothing else works I will try to do the bios thing.

This is a lot of work so give me some time. Thanks for the help...


Or, he could just try without the optical drives. I think that board uses the atx 2 standard. The extra 4 pins supply power to the agp slot, so that could be the problem as well.


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