It had NOTHING to do with CPU


Oct 15, 2004
I just had to sign back on to let those of you that were so helpful know that my problem(s) is SOLVED.....

Schmide, Zoron, and I'm sorry I forget their name were SO DAMN HELPFUL, sending me files over and over, etc. There was even someone who offered to send me some memory for free for my EXTREMELY SLOW & ANCIENT computer to help until I got the other one working out-talk about a nice guy!!! (my other compute kept freezing before I could get to his message to say THANK YOU FOR THAT OFFER) THANK YOU.

I was cleaning a closet today and lo and behold saw a disk on the floor. It was the CORRECT RECOVERY DISK for the computer my Dad gave me. The other one was for his 1ST computer-no wonder it didnt work!!!!

The computer I was asking you all for help with-(the one that didnt acknowledge the mouse)is up and running and it seems SO FAST COMPARED TO THAT SNAIL in the other room running Win 95 with 32 mb.ram -I'm so happy!! Restoring everything went SO SIMPLE- I couldnt believe it. Maybe it went well because I hit FORMAT C: last week LOL

Thank you to everyone who was so helpful to me when I was so very upset about all this. It shouldnt have been such an upsetting experience but it was and most everyone here was great. Not one person made me feel bad for posting it where I did in the CPU secton (looking for those "Very Smart Computer Saavy People, etc." )

I wish you all well and will be signing on from time to time to see all the latest because I still intend to get that "dream machine" some day and I respect all the opinions I see here on the latest hardware, etc..

Bye for now-
Barb (NJ MOM)


Congrats and glad you had a good experience.

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