Question Just completed my first PC build - Threadripper - Need some help on optimization

Mar 16, 2019
I spent about 3 weeks looking at laptop prices until I decided the amount of performance per $ was absurd and I would be better served by building a PC with remote desktop access when I was travelling. I had always wanted to build my own computer but never had a reason to until now. A couple more days of internet research to understand all the components and a trip to microcenter and I had a huge pile of boxes on my living room floor. By the next morning and about a half bottle of scotch later I pushed the power button and to my surprise a bios screen popped on. I had managed to blow out the RGB leds on two of my case fans plugging them in the wrong spot but....SUCCESS!

- AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x
CPU Water Cooler - Enermax TR4 2 280 AIO
Motherboard - GIgabyte x399 Designare EX Motherboard
RAM- 32GB 4x8 D4 3200 TRIZ RGB
Graphics Card- EVGA RTX 2080 TI Black
SSD- Samsung E 500GB 970 Evo M.2 SSD
PSU- EVGA GQ 1000W 80+G SM Eco
Case - Thermaltake View 21


  1. Ram: Is it worth it to bump up to 64g of Ram on a threadripper? Ive read opinions all over the place discussing 4 slots vs 8 slots filled that I didn't quite understand the logic behind. It sound like you can actually overload the system with too much ram even though the motherboard can handle 128g? Also something about Threadripper utilizing 4 slots better than 8?
  2. Overclocking: Is it even worth it? This will primarily be a workstation with some side gaming. It may be helpful to have higher HZ on the cores but I don't want to decrease the life of my hardware.
  3. Whats some good software to track my temps etc.
What say you internet?

  1. Worth only if you really need that much and that depends on use of the system. For gaming 16GB is quite enough and better to have faster RAM than too much.
  2. OC not really needed, it can boost automatically as much as needed. Only few older games that depend on single thread can benefit o higher frequency but they all but are gone.
  3. best for AMD and in general, Ryzen Master should also work.