Question KDE with dual monitor setup not working properly ?

Apr 22, 2021
I have a 1440p monitor i need to run a t 144hz and a 4k TV i need to run at 60hz, But when my 4k TV is plugged into my computer, the refresh rate of my 144hz monitor feels like its 60 and the 4k TV caps out at 30hz even tho when i used the TV with Ubuntu by itself it ran at 4k 60hz. My system is an R5 3600 with a 5700xt. Only one of the screens with be used at any time. In my small apartment, my computer is setup in my living room diagonally across from my living room TV, which is the 4K TV. I want to play most of my computers games at my desktop then when at my couch play games through the emulators i have with a controller. How would i set this up in KDE? I already have it set to what is supposed to do in the display settings, but its not working. I know KDE Plasma gets weird with additional monitors, is there another DE that's better for my use case? I love KDE and would rather not leave it but if there is a DE that is better suited for my needs with less trouble then i will switch.