Klipsch 4.1 Help


Jan 12, 2003
How would I hook up my Klipsch 4.1's to a home DVD Player or TV. It says with Klipsch 4.1 I can hook them up to a game console. dvd player, tv, etc.. but how? I have some DVD's I haven't watched yet, and would like to watch them on these speakers.

Would I have to connect them to my DVD Player or TV to hear movies? Or doesn't it matter what I connect them to?

Do I need any other connectors/adapters I need or does it come with them?

Where exactly do I hook em up from the speakers to my TV/DVD?

I haven't gotten these yet, suppose to arrive any time now, just want to know ahead of time.

Please post any other helpful information I might need to connect these, thanks!


Nov 17, 2002
To watch DVDs and hear them, you need to connect your DVD player audio out to your Klipsch speaker input. You can not use the speakers to watch TV.

Tell us what you have, a computer to hook them up and/or a home stereo?

If you just have a TV, you would want the audio out to the speakers and the video out from the DVD player to the TV.

More information on what you have to connect to is needed.

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