Question Laptop can't load Windows 10

Apr 18, 2019
Last night while I was playing a game, I alt-tabbed out of it to change music. When I tried to get back into it, the screen was just white. I couldn't close it. Opened the task manager but the game was still taking up the whole screen(the game was in fullscreen by the way). After I couldn't do anything, I forcefully shut down the laptop by holding the power button. I did not turn the laptop after that. The next morning, I turn on the laptop, the laptop brand logo shows up and then a blank screen. Usually what would happen, Windows would load and then I would be taken to the login screen but Windows isn't loading at all. Anybody can help?


Sep 18, 2013
Turn off the laptop. Then enter safe Mode instead and then do a virus scan to make sure you're not going through software issues. Then check msconfig in your start -> run application and look at startup section to make sure no weird programs and/or processes are running in the background.
Also, make sure you're not running some pirated game or anything. THese days you can't trust what goes on when those are executed since some can actually disable some things much like script kiddies, and nefarious backdoor extraction programs.. Good luck!
It would help to at least know which version of Windows you're running.

If Win 7: Hold F8 when booting the laptop and try entering Safe Mode. If you make it to the desktop, reboot and let Windows boot normally.

If Win 10: You'll have to attempt to boot a few times before you're presented with troubleshooting options. From there, you can try a Startup Repair or rebooting into Safe Mode (options are found under Troubleshooting or Advanced options - I forget the exact menu).

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