Laptop "crashes" at blue Windows 7 screen


May 24, 2012
When I start my Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, the start up fails at the blue windows screen (with leaves). Automatically goes into Startup Repair, but message says "Startup Repair has tried several times but still cannot determine the cause of the problem." Problem Details are as follows:
Problem Event Name: Startup Repair Offline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: Unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21200866
Problem Signature 05: Auto Failover
Problem Signature 06: 8
Problem Signature 07: 0x7e
OS Version 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Then attempted to use Advanced System Recovery Options, selected US as the keybord input method. But when the next pop-up appears and asked me to log on using an administrator account to access the command prompt. Double-checked, but don't have an administrator password set up, but it's asking for one here. Dead end. So hit cancel and it restarts the computer.
Then tried to reboot in Safe Mode. When it gets to the "Loading Windows Files... Please Wait", it crashes and gives the error message "Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area."
Next tried Last Known Good Configuration and ended up at an error screen that says "Check for adequate disk space". System automatically reboots to the Windows REcovery page and goes into Startup Repair and says "Can't Repair". The error message comes up that says "Bad_Pool_Header". (Tried to search online for help with this issue, but nothing helpful found.)
Next tried Enable Boot Logging with the same end result.
Then selected F12 Boot Options and ran Diagnostics and received this: Error Code 0146 2000-0146 Hard Drive 0 - self test log contains previous errors
The computer passed the following diagnostic tests:
CD ROM Optical
Video Card
LCD Connect
LCD Inverter
LCD Graphics
Memory WCMch
Memory Data Bus Stress
Memory Ground Bounce
Memory Walking 1s and 0s
March A

Then started receiving error messages:
Error Code 0F00:065D Msg: Disk-DST Self-Test Read Error
Error Code 0F00:133C Msg: Disk No suitable disk media is present
Error Code 4400:011A MsgSCSI_0000_Disk_Generic_Multi-card-Target No Ready
Symptom Tree
During this SATA Disk S/N = WD-WXC1A20V8522 - Confidence Test, the following appeared:
Error Code 0F00:1332
Msg: DISK 113806167: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113806274: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113806402: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113806530: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113806658: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113806786: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113806914: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time
Msg: DISK Block 113807042: Interupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time

then battery died and diagnotic stopped...
Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Thanks so much!


Sep 30, 2011
Eliminate the possibility that you have a boot sector virus and related corruption first. Only then replace the HDD. You could try a new disk image or reformatting it.
At present you can not recover the drive in this condition, so doing a new formatting won't be any less damaging then where you are right now. if you do format it again, be sure to stress test it to identify any bad sectors on the disk. Replace if over 2% non-recoverable sectors.

Dell_Ragni S

May 24, 2012
My name is Ragni and I work for Social Media and Community Center at Dell.
After going through the complete log which you mentioned, I would like to tell you that 2000-0146 error code which came in the diagnostics refers to an operating system failure. This can be fixed by doing a PC Restore (which you tried by going to F8 options, selecting Repair your computer) and the username and password will be your windows login name and password (the one you use to login to your computer)

NOTE: You will lose all your data.

This should surely resolve the issue.
In case, this does not fix the problem you should try to do a complete Operating System Reinstallation using the windows 7 media CD.
Please refer to the link for the operating system reinstallation.
Please reply if further help needed.

Dell_Ragni S

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