Question Laptop fried ?

Jan 29, 2022
Hello everyone, so I may have just killed my laptop messing around with things I should not have.

So the story begins last night when I slipped on ice, causing me to fall, and my backpack hit the ground. Of course, my laptop was inside, and it suffered some damage, but nothing too severe. Basically, the display had gone completely black, but the rest of the computer was still fine. I confirmed this by connecting to an external display with an HDMI which showed that everything was working fine (Windows was logged in, and I could open apps, etc.).

So I opened up the case while the laptop was off and started poking around to see if the connections to the display had come loose or something obvious that I could easily correct. Well, I stupidly continued messing around, and now I believe I fried my motherboard. One of the dumb things I did was push on the little black DIP toggle switch on my board, which I think is where I killed my board. I had no form of electrostatic protection whatsoever, just a screwdriver touching things I shouldn't have.

I have tried disconnecting the battery and plugging straight into the charger, I have tried taking out memory sticks, I have taken the CMOS battery out for several minutes, and there are zero signs of life, nothing, not even an LED indicator or sound. I don't remember seeing anything spark, and there are no obvious signs of scorches or anything like that, but I do believe I may have got a very faint whiff of something burning around the time I killed it. Is there anything I can try to get power back to the laptop?

The laptop is a 2017-2018 era ASUS GL703V, with HM175 chipset (I think).

Thank you for any insights you all can provide.